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The Underachievers Details


Danny Warren (Edward Albert) is a former minor-league shortstop who becomes a narc to uncover drug dealing in this situation comedy. Investigating at a high-school adult-education class, he falls for the tempting teacher Katherine, played by the exotic Barbara Carrera. Danny forgets the reward of $10,000 per arrest when he elects to continue his "education." He joins a colorful group of characters that includes ex-cons, illegal aliens, and brain-dead baby boomers who cause more trouble than their younger counterparts. Swimming classes and wine tasting serve as background for a series of comic catastrophes. Danny soon suspects Katherine's colleague Mrs. Grant (Susan Tyrell) of being in cahoots with the drug dealers, and Katherine and Mrs. Grant have a prolonged fight scene that is memorably funny. ~ Dan Pavlides, Rovi


Edward Albert
as Danny Warren
Barbara Carrera
as Katherine
Michael Pataki
as Murphy
Susan Tyrrell
as Mrs. Grant
Mark Blankfield
as Kline
Garrett Morris
as Dummont
Vic Tayback
as Coach
Jesse Aragon
as Carlos
Jewel Shepard
as Sci-Fi Teacher
Lee Arenberg
as Joey
Fox Harris
as Margrave
Judd Omen
as Corbin
Burton Gilliam
as Red
Roslyn Kind
as Mrs. Rasseli
Monte Landis
as Carruthers
Carl Crew
as Thug 2
Alexander Folk
as INS Officer 2
John Hazelwood
as Elmer
Dee Dee Rescher
as Female Agent 1
James Van Patten
as Todd
Benjamin Lum
as Angry Chinese Man
Bunny Summers
as Lily
Burt Ward
as Bowmont
Francine York
as June Patterson
Kevin Alber
as Ball Player 2
Michael Dobo
as Correctional Officer
Becky Le Beau
as Ginger Bronsky
Rick Burks
as Thug 1
Jimmy Maslon
as Punk
Glen Chin
as Chinese Man
Roberto Contreras
as Hispanic Man


Jackie Kong
Jackie Kong
Jackie Kong
Tony Rosato
Screen Story
Tony Rosato
Chuck Colwell
Don Preston
Composer (Music Score)
Jay Burkhardt
Production Designer
Jimmy Maslon
Lawrence Kasanoff
Executive Producer
Ellen Steloff
Executive Producer
Jay Kaiwai
Set Designer
Loraina Drucker