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Un Amore Details


Gianluca Maria Tavarelli directs this nuanced portrait of an intermittent 20-year love affair told in 12 chapters that depict critical, though undramatized, turning points in the relationship. The film introduces Marco (Fabrizio Gifuni) and Sara (Lorenza Indovina) during a 1998 argument. Just as Sara insists that she wants to break up, an unseen photographer takes pictures of their encounter. Cut to 1982 when the two 20-year-old college students go on their first magical date. From there, the film jumps ahead by one or two year intervals during which time the relationship goes through periods of happiness and pain. The affair seems like it is over for good when Marco abruptly ends it in 1991, resulting in Sara moving to Argentina for three years. Yet upon their reunion, they realize that the same chemistry still exists, even though Marco has gotten married during the intervening time. By 1997, the two are in a full-blown affair, meeting in an apartment for their regular tryst. Yet their pretend relationship proves too unfulfilling, and Sara, in the argument that opened the film, breaks it off. Later during a 2000 New Year's Eve party, they stumble upon each other once again. This film was screened at the 2000 Rotterdam Film Festival. ~ Jonathan Crow, Rovi