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Uforia Details


A small California town is gripped by UFO fever in this well-acted, surprisingly rich comedy. At the center of the mania is Arlene, a grocery store clerk and born-again Christian fascinated with flying saucers. This interest soon evolves into a full-blown obsession when Arlene is visited by a visionary dream, which she believes predicts the imminent arrival of a vessel from outer space in the nearby desert. Not even the doubts of her skeptical boyfriend, a good-hearted petty thief named Sheldon, are enough to dissuade her from her new role as prophet of the coming spaceship. At first hesitant and awkward, Arlene soon blossoms into a confident leader, and Sheldon puts aside his disbelief to revel in their sudden fame. Indeed, two have soon attracted enough of a following to pique the interest of Reverend Bud Sanders, the local revivalist preacher. Soon, Reverend Bud has joined in the crusade, and a good portion of the town has gathered to anxiously await the spaceship's arrival. Rather than resorting to easy ridicule, director John Binder creates an unexpectedly sympathetic, yet still comedic, portrait of the UFO believers, neither condemning their faith nor denying the fine line between belief and gullibility. ~ Judd Blaise, Rovi


Cindy Williams
as Arlene
Harry Dean Stanton
as Brother Bud
Fred Ward
as Sheldon
Robert Gray
as Emile
Darrell Larson
as Toby
Hank Worden
as Colonel
Harry Carey, Jr.
as George Martin
Gene Edwards
as Bearded Local in Bar
Kedric Wolfe
as Swami
Alan Beckwith
as Brother Roy
Claudia Sloan
as Future Farmer of America
Dennis MacArthur
as Man in Wet Suit
Diane Diefendorf
as Delores
Erik Stern
as Sheriff Anderson
Esther Sutherland
as Deaf Woman's Aunt
James Deeth
as CHP Helicopter Pilot
James Hartley
as Grocery Shopper
Jennifer Robb
as Krishna Jesuse
Joe Unger
as Gas Station Attendant
Andrew Winner
as Male Newscaster
Marji Martin
as Fat Housewife
Mindy Sterling
Monalisa Young
Morgan Ames
as Piano Player
Pamela Lamont
as Female Newscaster
Peggy McKay
as Celia Martin
Ted Harris
as Gregory
Terry Brannon
as Deputy
Tony Santoro
as Local Man in Bar
Torben Torp-Smith
as Mr. Bellemy
William Callaway
as Gardan


John Binder
Gordon Wolf
Melvin Simon
Barry Krost
John Binder
David Myers
Richard Baskin
Composer (Music Score)
Dennis M. Hill
Bill Malley
Production Designer
Bill Malley
Art Director
Susan Spinks
Barry Krost
Executive Producer
Melvin Simon
Executive Producer
Carl Biddiscombe
Set Designer
Bruce Hutchinson