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The Two Mrs. Carrolls Details


Humphrey Bogart plays a psychotic killer who disposes of his wives through slow ingestion of poison in The Two Mrs. Carrolls, made in 1945 but shelved for two years because of its similarity to Humphrey Bogart. Bogart is Geoffrey Carroll, an artist who paints a portrait of his wife as "The Angel of Death" and then meets Sally Morton (Barbara Stanwyck), with whom he quickly falls in love. In order to get rid of his wife and take up with Sally, Geoffrey slowly poisons his spouse by lacing her nightly glass of warm milk with liberal doses of toxic chemicals. He sends his daughter Beatrice (Ann Carter) away to school and, while the daughter is away, his wife dies. He immediately marries Sally and they appear to be happily together. But a few years pass and Geoffrey begins to work on another "Angel of Death" portrait of Sally, this time after he falls in love with his attractive neighbor Cecily (Alexis Smith). As before, Sally begins to grow weak from the daily nightcap of tainted milk. But complications set in when Cecily demands that she and Geoffrey run away together and the local druggist, Mr. Biagdon (Barry Bernard), presents Geoffrey with a blackmail demand. But Geoffrey overplays his hand when he once again tries to send Beatrice away to school. Sally now begins to suspect her husband is a serial killer. Borrowing a gun from a friend, Sally must defend herself against her deranged and murderous husband. ~ Paul Brenner, Rovi


Humphrey Bogart
as Geoffrey Carroll
Barbara Stanwyck
as Sally Morton Carroll
Alexis Smith
as Cecily Latham
Nigel Bruce
as Dr. Tuttle
Isobel Elsom
as Mrs. Latham
Pat O'Moore
as Charles Fennington
Ann Carter
as Beatrice Carroll
Barry Bernard
as Mr. Blagdon
Colin Campbell
as MacGregor
Peter Godfrey
as First Tout
Creighton Hale
as Second Tout
Leyland Hodgson
as Inspector


Peter Godfrey
Mark Hellinger
Thomas Job
Martin Vale
Play Author
J. Peverell Marley
Leo F. Forbstein
Musical Direction/Supervision
Franz Waxman
Composer (Music Score)
Frederick Richards
Anton Grot
Art Director
Edith Head
Costume Designer
Milo Anderson
Costume Designer
Robert Burks
Special Effects
Franz Waxman
Makeup Supervisor
Perc Westmore