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Turkey Shoot Details


This grim, violent Australian production is an artless mishmash incorporating elements of , , and . The story is set in a dystopian future society where all "deviants" (i.e. anyone whose ideas don't jive with those of the government) are interred in nightmarish re-education camps where they are tortured, beaten, raped and put to death -- mostly on the whim of the psychotic commandant (Michael Craig). Periodically, a handful of particularly defiant inmates will be released unarmed to be hunted down (for the entertainment of the elite) in a free-for-all "Turkey Shoot" (the film's original Australian title). Among the latest batch of potential targets are strong-willed Steve Railsback and Olivia Hussey, who are confronted in the wilderness by the commandant and his goofy mutant cronies -- all of whom carry rocket-launchers, exploding arrows, and flamethrowers. This entire exercise is basically a prolonged excuse for a plethora of cheap, splattery makeup effects, made far more unpleasant by the blatant sadism of the proceedings. Unsuspecting viewers exposed to this film may wish to follow with Olivia Hussey to restore their faith in Australian cinema. ~ Cavett Binion, Rovi


Steve Railsback
as Paul Anders
Olivia Hussey
as Chris Walters
Michael Craig
as Charles Thatcher
Carmen Duncan
as Jennifer
Noel Ferrier
as Mallory
Lynda Stoner
as Rita Daniels
Roger Ward
as Ritter
Gus Mercurio
as Red
John Ley
as Dodge
Bill Young
as Griff
Steve Rackman
as Alph
Mark Gregory
Henry Silva
John Godden
as Andy


Brian Trenchard-Smith
Antony I. Ginnane
William Fayman
George Schenck
Screen Story
Jon George
Brian May
Composer (Music Score)
Bernard Hides
Production Designer
John Daly
Executive Producer
David Hemmings
Executive Producer
Aphrodite Kondos
Costume Designer
John Stears
Special Effects