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Tucker: The Man and His Dream Details


History tells us that would-be automobile mogul Preston Tucker was a silver-tongued con man, who misappropriated his investors' money and played fast and loose with ethics and legalities in the pursuit of his dream. Filmmaker [[Performer~P85868~Francis Ford Coppola~francisfordcoppola]] isn't buying this: to hear [[Performer~P85868~Coppola~francisfordcoppola]] tell it, Tucker was "Mr. Smith Goes to Detroit," a sincere visionary who tried and failed to buck the Big Three auto manufacturers. Moreover, he was a staunch defender of family values, as witness his inseparable relationship with his loyal wife (Joan Allen) and adoring children. It was for his family's sake, rather than any dreams of financial gain, that Tucker created the oddball three-headlight vehicle which he envisioned as the "car of the future". Naturally, the corporate fat cats of 1947 can't abide competition from a rugged individualist; thus, with several politicos in their pockets, they crush the Tucker and the man who built it. We'd have been more inclined to believe the story had [[Performer~P85868~Coppola~francisfordcoppola]] adopted a straightforward [[Performer~P84082~Capra~frankcapra]]esque approach and not utilized all sorts of complicated camera trickery. Somehow, by presenting Tucker in so showoffy a directorial manner, the character comes off more as a sleight-of-hand artist than a bastion of sincerity. Even so, Jeff Bridges does a nice job as Tucker, as does [[Performer~P40247~Martin Landau~martinlandau]] as Tucker's incongruous business partner. Jeff's dad, [[Performer~P3198~Lloyd Bridges~lloydbridges]], appears in an uncredited role as a "bought" senator. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

  • Release date:August 12, 1988


Awarded by
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Milena Canonero Best Costume Design 1988 Nominee
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Armin Ganz Best Art Direction 1988 Nominee
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Dean Tavoularis Best Art Direction 1988 Nominee
Hollywood Foreign Press Association Martin Landau Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture 1988 Winner
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Martin Landau Best Supporting Actor 1988 Nominee
New York Film Critics Circle Dean Stockwell Best Supporting Actor 1988 Winner


Jeff Bridges
as Preston Tucker
Joan Allen
as Vera Tucker
Martin Landau
as Abe Karatz
Frederic Forrest
as Eddie Dean
Dean Stockwell
as Howard Hughes
as Jimmy Sakuyama
Lloyd Bridges
as Senator Homer Ferguson
Elias Koteas
as Alex Tremulis
Nina Siemaszko
as Marilyn Lee Tucker
Christian Slater
as Junior
Corin Nemec
as Noble Tucker
Anders Johnson
as Johnny Tucker
Marshall Bell
as Frank
Don Novello
as Stan
Jay O. Sanders
as Kirby, Defense Attorney
Peter Donat
as Otto Kerner, Prosecutor
Patti Austin
as Millie
Hope Alexander-Willis
as Tucker's Secretary
Mary Buffett
as Singing Girl
Morgan Upton
as Ingram
Annie Stocking
as Singing Girl
Mark Anger
as Blue
Michael McShane
as Recording Engineer
Taylor Gilbert
as Ferguson's Secretary
Joe Flood
as Dutch
John X. Heart
as Ferguson's Agent
David Booth
as Man in Hall
Al Hart
as Newscaster
Al Nalbandian
as Jury Foreman
Cab Covay
as Security Guard
Abigail van Alyn
as Ferguson's Secretary
Ed Loerke
as Mayor
Roland Scrivner
as Oscar Beasley
Ron Close
as Fritz
Sandy Bull
as Stan's Assistant
Scott Beach
as Floyd Cerf
Taylor Young
as Tucker's Secretary
Bill Bonham
as Garage Owner
Bill Reddick
as Board Member
James Cranna
as Man in Audience
Jay Jacobus
as Head Engineer
Jessie Nelson
as Woman on Steps
Jim Giovanni
as Police Sergeant
Joe Lerer
as Reporter at Trial
Joseph Miksak
as Judge
Ken Grantham
as SEC Agent
Larry Menkin
as Doc
Leonard Gardner
as Gas Station Owner
Anne Lawder
as Bennington's Secretary
Bob Safford
as Narrator


Francis Ford Coppola
Arnold Schulman
David Seidler
Vittorio Storaro
Edward Farley
Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov
Featured Music
Larry Shields
Featured Music
Anthony Sbarbaro
Ian Bryce
Production Designer
Dean Tavoularis
Production Designer
Alex Tavoularis
Art Director
Fred Fuchs
Fred Roos
George Lucas
Executive Producer
Jim Pohl
Set Designer
Armin Ganz
Set Designer
Robert C. Goldstein
Set Designer
Milena Canonero
Costume Designer
Judianna Makovsky
Costume Designer
Michael Evje
Sound/Sound Designer
Richard Beggs
Sound/Sound Designer
David Pier
Special Effects
Jamie Anderson
Camera Operator
Buddy Joe Hooker
Jane Jenkins
Janet Hirshenson
Buddy Joe Hooker
Second Unit Director
Buddy Joe Hooker
Stunts Coordinator
Carmine Coppola
Additional Music