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French director Pierre-François 'Pel' Martin-Laval's romantic comedy Try Me opens with the gentlest of promises: at 9 years old, Yves-Marie proposed to his childhood sweetheart, Jacqueline. She accepted, on the sole condition that he become an astronaut and chart the heavens. He kept his vow; she forgot hers. When Yves-Marie (Laval) waltzes back into Jacqueline's (Julie Depardieu) life as an adult , then, with the news of his astronaut career, and expects to sweep her off her feet, he is horrified to discover her pending engagement to another man, Vincent (Kad Merad). Not one to be daunted, Yves-Marie then convinces Jacqueline to "try him out" for a day, prior to following through on her marital commitment. Surprisingly, Vincent agrees - for it will give him a chance to slip off on a hunting trip and enjoy one more day as a "meat-eater" before marrying vegetarian Jacqueline. Unfortunately, Yves-Marie's nutty father (Pierre Richard) isn't far behind his son and Jacqueline, and in doing his best to help, makes the pivotal day infinitely more complicated for the former sweethearts. ~ Nathan Southern, Rovi