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True Crime Details


Investigative reporter Steve Everett (Clint Eastwood) has just relocated to the west coast after getting fired from the New York Times. Thanks to his old friend, Alan Mann (James Woods), the editor-in-chief of The Oakland Tribune, Everett still has a job, but that's hardly the end of his problems. An alcoholic and a womanizer, he's been sober for two months and his marriage to Barbara (Diane Venora) is in as bad a shape as his car. Everett has also earned the hatred of city editor Bob Findley (Denis Leary), and not without reason -- Everett has been sleeping with his wife. One day, when another reporter dies in an automobile accident, Findley asks Everett to take over her assignment -- the final interview of condemned murderer Frank Beachum (Isaiah Washington). Everett researches the case before the interview, and finds Beachum was convicted of a robbery and homicide in an Oakland convenience store. But the reporter finds several discrepancies in the story, and a visit to death row only confirms Everett's suspicions that Beachum was not the killer. The reporter begins a hurried search for information that will stay the execution. Plagued by his inner demons, the reporter has 12 hours left to save the life of a man he knows is innocent. ~ Ron Wells, Rovi

  • Release date:March 19, 1999


Clint Eastwood
as Steve Everett
Isaiah Washington
as Frank Beachum
Denis Leary
as Bob Findley
Lisa Gay Hamilton
as Bonnie Beachum
James Woods
as Alan Mann
Bernard Hill
as Luther Plunkitt
Diane Venora
as Barbara Everett
Michael McKean
as Reverend Shillerman
Michael Jeter
as Dale Porterhouse
Mary McCormack
as Michelle Ziegler
Hattie Winston
as Mrs. Russel
Penny Bae Bridges
as Gail Beachum
Francesca Fisher-Eastwood
as Kate Everett
John Finn
as Reedy
Laila Robins
as Patricia Findley
Sydney Poitier
as Jane March
Erik King
as Pussy Man
Graham Beckel
as Arnold McCardle
Frances Fisher
as Cecilia Nussbaum
Marissa Ribisi
as Amy Wilson
Christine Ebersole
as Bridget Rossiter
Anthony Zerbe
as Henry Lowenstein
Lucy Liu


Clint Eastwood
Clint Eastwood
Lili Fini Zanuck
Richard D. Zanuck
Paul Brickman
Larry Gross
Stephen Schiff
Andrew Klavan
Book Author
Jack N. Green
Joel Cox
Henry Bumstead
Production Designer
Tom Rooker
Executive Producer
Walt Martin
Sound/Sound Designer
Robert Lorenz
First Assistant Director
Phyllis Huffman