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Tru Loved Details


Uprooted from her comfortable San Francisco home and transplanted to a generic Southern California suburb by her two well-meaning moms, open-minded high-school sophomore Tru despairs at being surrounded by close-minded football players and air-headed Paris Hilton wannabes until she gets the idea to combat small-town intolerance by co-founding a local chapter of the Gay-Straight Alliance. Life in her new town isn't easy, so in order to fend off boredom, Tru frequently escapes into fantasy. But whether she's retreating into a picture-perfect, Paris Hilton-style household with two mothers and two fathers or dancing in the streets Paris Hilton-style, Tru's depressive new surroundings always remain the same once she's snapped back to reality. When the star quarterback at her new high school begins paying special attention to Tru, her initial elation is soon tempered by the revelation that he's actually just another closet case in search of a sympathetic shoulder to cry on. Though Tru is at first frustrated by the prospect of putting on a false front in order to protect the athlete's true sexuality, she decides to address the homophobic attitudes of her new classmates directly by opening a local chapter of the Gay-Straight Alliance. As the movement begins to gain steam, however, Tru is forced to reconcile her unguarded position on sexual orientation with the private pledge she has made to her closeted classmate. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

  • Release date:October 17, 2008


Najarra Townsend
as Tru
Bruce Vilanch
as Daniel
Matthew Thompson
as Lodell
Alec Mapa
as Mr. Bushnell
Jasmine Guy
as Cynthia
Alexandra Paul
as Leslie
Cynda Williams
as Lisa
Jane Lynch
as Ms. Maple
Ellie Gerber
as Rhonda
Nichelle Nichols
as Lo's Grandmother
Elaine Hendrix
as Ms. Muller
Jake Abel
as Trevor
Tye Olson
as Walter
Joseph Julian Soria
as Manuel
Marcia Wallace
as Mrs. Wallace
Vernon Wells
as Coach Wesley
Jenn Shagrin
as Adrienne
Shani Pride
as Tiffany
Peter Bedard
as Dom
Thomas Saunders
as Emmett
Jennifer Riker
as Nurse Bette
Tony Brown
as Principal Velasquez
Scott Presley
as Belle Aire
Bryan Erickson
as Roberto
Jay Costelo
as Pierced Guy


Stewart Wade
Stewart Wade
David Avallone
Antonio Brown
Stewart Wade
Howard Wexler
Barry Coffing
Musical Direction/Supervision
David Avallone
James J. Agazzi
Production Designer
Elaine Hendrix
Marjorie Margolis
Executive Producer
Dr. Eric Miller
Executive Producer
Eric Borsum
Executive Producer