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The Trouble With Angels Details


The Trouble With Angels opens on the first day of school for a new batch of students at St. Francis Academy, run by a very strong-willed Mother Superior (Rosalind Russell). She is used to having things her way, but she may have met her match in the headstrong and independent Mary Clancy (Hayley Mills) and her newfound friend, Rachel Devery (June Harding). Mary, easily bored and ready to rebel at the drop of a hat, comes up with an endless series of "scathingly brilliant" schemes designed either to amuse her and Rachel, torture insufferable schoolmate Marvel-Ann, or in some way help them get ahead. Rachel, who would never come up with such ideas on her own, is delighted to go along with them. The duo starts right away by convincing several of the girls to join them in giving fake names to the sisters that register them. Future escapades include guided tours of the nuns' living quarters, illicit cigarette smoking that brings about the fire brigade, replacing sugar with soap bubbles, and many others. Several times the Mother Superior is on the brink of expelling the girls, but she relents, knowing something of their home lives and that they will benefit from the more nurturing environment of the school. By the end of the film, the girls have indeed grown, and Mary, in particular, has developed a special love for the Academy. ~ Craig Butler, Rovi


Rosalind Russell
as Mother Superior
Hayley Mills
as Mary Clancy
Binnie Barnes
as Sister Celestine
Gypsy Rose Lee
as Mrs. Phipps
Camilla Sparv
as Sister Constance
June Harding
as Rachel Devery
Mary Wickes
as Sister Clarissa
Marge Redmond
as Sister Liguori
Dolores Sutton
as Sister Rose Marie
Margalo Gillmore
as Sister Barbara
Marjorie Eaton
as Sister Ursula
Barbara Bell Wright
as Sister Margaret
Judith Lowry
as Sister Prudence
Barbara Hunter
as Marvel-Ann
Ronne Troup
as Helen
Jim Boles
as Mr. Gottschalk
Kent Smith
as Uncle George
Pat McCaffrie
as Mr. Devery
Jim Hutton
as Mr. Petrie
Portia Nelson
as Sister Elizabeth
Harry Harvey
as Mr. Grissom
Portia Nelson
as Sister Elizabeth
Jim Hutton
as Mr. Petrie


Ida Lupino
William Frye
Blanche Hanalis
Jane Trahey
Book Author
Lionel Lindon
Jerry Goldsmith
Composer (Music Score)
John Beckman
Art Director
Helen Colvig
Costume Designer