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The time is The Future; the place is Rain City, formerly Seattle. The city is a police state, while the citizens have adopted the manner and dress of 1940s gangsters. Recently released from prison, ex-cop [[Performer~P98154~Kris Kristofferson~kriskristofferson]] tries to touch base with his ex-girlfriend [[Performer~P9433~Genevieve Bujold~genevièvebujold]], who runs a 1950s-style cafe. Hoping to make up for past sins, thereby redeeming himself in [[Performer~P9433~Bujold~genevièvebujold]]'s eyes, [[Performer~P98154~Kristofferson~kriskristofferson]] endeavors to save innocent, newly arrived couple [[Performer~P84256~Keith Carradine~keithcarradine]] and [[Performer~P65951~Lori Singer~lorisinger]] from the evil designs of crooked [[Performer~P50922~Joe Morton~joemorton]]. Trouble in Mind strives mightily for a film noir ambience, right down to the presence of a sinister, [[Performer~P28591~Greenstreetesque~sydneygreenstreet]] "fat man," played in male drag (for a change) by [[Performer~P19335~Divine~divine]]. The title tune for Trouble in Mind is sung over the credits by [[Performer~P22545~Marianne Faithful~mariannefaithfull]]. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

  • Release date:December 18, 1985


Awarded by
Independent Spirit Awards Toyomichi Kurita Best Cinematography 1985 Winner
Independent Spirit Awards Lori Singer Best Actress 1985 Nominee


Kris Kristofferson
as Hawk
Keith Carradine
as Coop
Lori Singer
as Georgia
Geneviève Bujold
as Wanda
Joe Morton
as Solo
as Hilly Blue
George Kirby
as Lt. Gunther
John Considine
as Nate Nathanson
Robert Kim
as Chiene
Greg Wayne Elam
as Skinny
William Hall
as Long Millitiaman
Greg Walker
as Bull
Robbie Lee
as Ho
Andrea Stein
as Maria
Bob Gould
as Mardy Stoog
Billy Silva
as Elmo
Jabus Wesson
as Jingles
James Crabtree
as Fireman
James Etue
as Sahmus
James Fulgium
as Flip
Pamela Gray
as Dot
Steven Ross
as Short Prison Guard
Barry M. Press
as Salesman
William Earl Ray
as Long Prison Guard
Jill C. Klein
as Nancy Lamour
Caitlin Ferguson
as Spike
Carl Sander
as Wealthy Man
Albert Hall
as Leo
Danielle Aubuchon
as Shana
Dave MacIntyre
as McBride
David Kline
as Short Millitiaman
David Quintera
as Blackie
Debra Dusay
as Marie La Mer
Dirk Blocker
as Rambo
Elizabeth Kaye
as Bunny
Felix Casares
as Scholar
Frank Gargani
as Ginny
Allan Nicholls
as Sector Representative Pete Regis
Karen Gottberg
as Lady of the night
Antonia Dauphin
as Sonja Nathanson
Matt Almond
as Slick
Mickey Alzola
as Leapy
Nanci Anton
as Eve
Patricia Tyler
as Soldier
Rick Tutor
as Bill
Shelle Renee
as Lady of the night
Stephen Sneed
as Bellboy
Steve Danton
as Stevo Zarque
Stuart Manne
as Little Caesar
Susan Catherine
as Les Filles De La Nuit
Tammy Wolfe
as Tour Guide
Tracey Kristofferson
as Tammy Regis
Bill McIntosh
as Cosmo
Gailard Sartain
as Fat Adolph


Alan Rudolph
Carolyn Pfeiffer
Cary Brokaw
David Blocker
Alan Rudolph
Toyomichi Kurita
Mark Isham
Composer (Music Score)
Tom Walls
Cary Brokaw
Executive Producer
Tracy Tynan
Costume Designer
K.C. Fox
Set Decorator
Greg Walker