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Tricheurs Details


Like a glossy wrapping around an empty box, this film about sophisticated gamblers with nothing deeper than their gambling addiction involves a story no deeper than the tracks along its plot line: win at the casinos alone, win with a woman companion, and then cheat to win some more. Elric (Jacques Dutronc) is a professional gambler successfully working the roulette wheel at the casino in Portuguese Madeira when he meets Suzie (Bulle Ogier) at 7:07 p.m. wearing a T-shirt with the number "7" on it. Convinced she will bring him luck if she stays with him at the games for 7 days, Elric talks Suzie into keeping him company -- he is also hoping her disinterest in gambling will cure him of his habit. The reverse happens; he infects Suzie with the gambling bug. At that juncture, Jorg (Kurt Raab), a skillful cheat at many games, cons Elric into taking off with him to scam their way through one casino after another. The men leave and when they return, the temporary rift between Suzie and Elric is healed -- she objected to Jorg's methods -- but Elric is now infected with Jorg's methods himself and uses a remote-control electronic device to cheat at roulette, winning a fortune. With these proceeds, he and Suzie can start building that chateau in the French Alps they have always dreamed of owning -- though it remains to be seen if the gambling bug has been exterminated or is just lying dormant for awhile. ~ Eleanor Mannikka, Rovi


Jacques Dutronc
as Elric
Bulle Ogier
as Suzie
Kurt Raab
as Jorg
Virgilio Teixeira
as Toni
Steve Baes
as Casino manager
Claus-Dieter Reents
as Aldo
Robby Müller
as Engineer


Barbet Schroeder
Margaret Menegoz
Pascal Bonitzer
Steve Baes
Barbet Schroeder
Robby Müller
Peer Raben
Composer (Music Score)
Denise de Casabianca
Isabel Branco
Costume Designer
Jean-Paul Mugel
Sound/Sound Designer