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The Trial of Billy Jack Details


After Billy Jack belatedly became a box-office smash two years after its original release and [[Feature~V6738~The Born Losers~thebornlosers]], the biker film in which [[Performer~P40760~Tom Laughlin~tomlaughlin]] created the Billy Jack character, had enjoyed a highly successful re-release, [[Performer~P40760~Tom Laughlin~tomlaughlin]] brought everyone's favorite martial arts hero turned Native American mystic back to the screen for a third go-round in The Trial of Billy Jack. As Billy Jack ([[Performer~P40760~Tom Laughlin~tomlaughlin]]) awaits trial for murder, Jean Roberts ([[Performer~P113744~Delores Taylor~delorestaylor]]) continues to operate her "Freedom School" on an Indian reservation, where the student-operated television station comes under fire for airing a series of hard-hitting political exposes (just how an alternative school run by threadbare hippies obtained cameras, broadcasting equipment and an FCC license is not explained here). The attempts to silence the student journalists and run Billy Jack out of town lead to a deadly confrontation between the kids and the National Guard. [[Performer~P40760~Tom Laughlin~tomlaughlin]] wrote and directed The Trial of Billy Jack, though on-screen credit is given to his son, [[Performer~P98858~Frank Laughlin~franklaughlin]]; similarly, Laughlin also directed the first two films under the name [[Performer~P90371~T.C. Frank~tcfrank]]. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi


Tom Laughlin
as Billy Jack
Delores Taylor
as Jean Roberts
Victor Izay
as Doc
Russell Lane
as Russell
Gus Greymountain
as Blue Elk
George Aguilar
as Elk's Shadow
Pepper Rogers
as 3rd Trooper
Diane Webber
as Belly-Dance Instructor
Patricia McCulloch
as Girl
Jack White
as Bugger
Riley Hill
as Posner
Alexandra Nicholson
as Abby
Sacheen Littlefeather
as Patsy Littlejohn
Oshannah Fastwolf
as Oshannah
DeLaura Henry
as Liz
George More O'Ferrall
as Defense Attorney
Trinidad Hopkins
as Vision Maiden
Sandra Ego
as Indian Maiden
Teda Bracci
as Teda
Hosea Barnett
as Student
Kathy Cronkite
as Kristen
Debbie Hill
as Debbie
Michael Bolland
as Danny
Evans Thornton
as Prosecuting Attorney
Ken Tealor
as Ken
Lynn Baker
as Lynn
James Andronica
as Viet Nam Soldier
Susan Sosa
as Sunshine


Tom Laughlin
Tom Laughlin
Teresa Christina
Delores Taylor
Jack A. Marta
Elmer Bernstein
Composer (Music Score)
Michael Kahn
Jules Nayfack
Michael Economou
Michael Karr
George Grenville
Tom Rolf
Moss Mabry
Costume Designer