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Maverick director Walter Hill, who had a big hit with Walter Hill, indulges his customary yen for violent and disturbing scenes in this overlooked action film, which was also released under the name Looters. Set in the economically-depressed town of East St. Louis, IL, the film's release was delayed several months because its riot scenes were too similar to those that actually took place in the summer of 1992 in L.A. Bill Paxton plays Vince and Bill Sadler plays Don. They are a couple of good-old-boy firefighters who are tipped off that some stolen gold treasures have been hidden in an old warehouse. They find and enter the building but witness a brutal murder. The gangland killing is part of a turf battle between two rival drug lords. When one of them finds out that the firemen have seen the execution, he orders the witnesses murdered. But they have found the treasure and have kidnapped one gang leader's brother. An elaborate and violent series of skirmishes and chases ensue. Rapper-actors Ice-T and Ice Cube have roles as leading gang members. ~ Michael Betzold, Rovi

  • Release date:December 25, 1992


Bill Paxton
as Vince
as King James
Bill Sadler
as Don
Ice Cube
as Savon
Art Evans
as Bradlee
De'Voreaux White
as Lucky
Bruce A. Young
as Raymond
Glenn Plummer
as Luther
T.E. Russell
as Video
Byron Minns
as Moon
Tico Wells
as Davis
Sally Jane Jackson
as Wickey
L. Warren Young
as Police Officer Foley
James Pickens, Jr.
as Police Officer Reese
Tommy "Tiny" Lister, Jr.
as Cletus
John Toles-Bey
as Goose
Reuben Cannon
Hal Landon, Jr.
as Eugene DeLong


Walter Hill
Robert Zemeckis
Neil Canton
Robert Zemeckis
Bob Gale
Lloyd Ahern, Jr.
Ry Cooder
Composer (Music Score)
Jon Hutman
Production Designer
Michael S. Glick
Bob Gale
Executive Producer
Beth A. Rubino
Set Designer
Mario Roberts