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A man and a woman are faced with an unusual "fifth wheel" in their relationship -- his analyst -- in this offbeat independent comedy. Jake Singer (Chris Eigeman) is a schoolteacher working at a respected private school for boys. Jake recently parted ways with his longtime girlfriend and isn't especially happy about being single again. Jake begins seeing a psychiatrist, Dr. Morales (Ian Holm), whose advise often seems to cause more harm than good. Jake meets Allegra (Famke Janssen), a woman whose adopted son attends his school; Allegra is still getting over the death of her husband, but Jake is strongly attracted to her and she seems to feel the same way. Morales is convinced Allegra is simply using Jake (there are questions about her ability to care for her son that may cause her to lose custody if she remains single), and he advises Jake that if he must go on dating her, he should seduce Allegra without becoming emotionally involved. This is more easily said than done, but as Jake and Allegra spend more time together, he begins seeing and hearing Morales at the most inopportune moments, with the doctor offering un-called-for tips on their relationship. The Treatment received the award for best "Made In New York" feature at the 2006 Tribeca Film Festival. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:January 29, 2014


Oren Rudavsky
Oren Rudavsky
Jonathan Shoemaker
Daniel Menaker
Book Author
Oren Rudavsky
Andrij Parekh
John Zorn
Composer (Music Score)
Jim Black
Musical Direction/Supervision
Edwige Geminel
Production Designer
Roxanne Bok
Executive Producer
Erika Munro
Costume Designer
Lewis Goldstein
Sound/Sound Designer
Antonia Dauphin
Kathleen Backel