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After his 13-year-old sister is abducted by sex traffickers, a determined Mexican teen travels from the barrios of Mexico City to a run-down stash house in New Jersey in a desperate attempt to rescue the frightened girl before she is swallowed whole by one of the criminal underworld's darkest secrets. Jorge's ([[Performer~P527175~Cesar Ramos~cesarramos]]) adolescent sister, Adriana ([[Performer~P481149~Paulina Gaitan~paulinagaitan]]), has been kidnapped and thrust into a lucrative underground trade in which young girls are bought and sold to the highest bidder. Now, as the terrified youngster is herded through a complex network of underground tunnels leading into the United States, her only ally is a Polish woman named Veronica ([[Performer~P527177~Alicja Bachleda~alicjabachleda]]), who has been tricked into the trade by the same nefarious gang. After circumventing immigration officers and eventually working his way across the border, the desperate Jorge comes into contact with a Texas lawman named Ray ([[Performer~P38699~Kevin Kline~kevinkline]]), whose own devastating personal loss to sex traffickers causes him to join the search for Adriana. In the dark days that follow, Jorge and Ray form a close bond as they witness the horrors of a secret Internet sex slave auction and discover just how far the depths of human depravity can plunge while attempting to maintain hope that brother and sister will one day be reunited. In the world of international sex trafficking, however, innocent victims disappear without a trace every day and few who fall prey to these reprehensible predators are ever seen again. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

  • Release date:September 28, 2007


Kevin Kline
as Ray Sheridan
Alicja Bachleda
as Veronica
Paulina Gaitan
as Adriana
Marco Perez
as Manuelo
Linda Emond
as Patty Sheridan
Zack Ward
as Alex Green
Kate del Castillo
as Laura
Tim Reid
as Hank Jefferson
Pasha D. Lychnikoff
as Vadim Youchenko
Natalia Traven
as Lupe
Guillermo Ivan
as Alejandro
Christian Vazquez
as Moncho
Jose Sefami
as Don Victor
Leland Pascual
as Thai Boy
Jorge Angel Toriello
as Ten Year Old Boy
Luz Itzel
as Moncho's Girl
Eren Zumaya
as Lovesick Girl
Norma Angelica
as Lupe's Neighbor
Kathleen Gati
as Irina
Anna Maria Horsford
as Detective Martinez
Anthony Crivello
as Detective Henderson
William Sterchi
as American Tourist
Kei-Kei Cadena
as Brazilian Girl
Fermin Martinez
as Mexican Policeman #1
Julio Escalero
as Mexican Policeman #2
John Wylie
as Pedophile in Reeds
Rio Alexander
as Armed Man
Maria Luisa Coronel
as Old Mexican Shopkeeper
JD Garfield
as High School Spanish Teacher
Aimee Lynn Chadwick
as School Girl
Bruce DeHerrera
as Detention Center Guard #1
Dominick Chavez
as Detention Center Guard #3
Mike Hatfield
as El Paso Police Officer
Barbara Mayfield
as Waitress in Diner
Matthew McDuffie
as Pedophile in Diner
Rob DeBuck
as Motorcycle Cop at Diner
Grant Martin
as Police Officer at Diner
Boots Southerland
as Van Owner at Diner
Genia Michaela
as Hotel Receptionist
Ross Kelly
as Young New Jersey Officer
Jason Clarke
as New Jersey State Trooper
Aaron Lobato
as New Jersey Officer
Bo Greigh
as First Deputy, Texas
Josh Berry
as Second Deputy, Texas
Lena Baran
as Natasha
Larisa Eryomina-Wain
as Veronica's Mother
Elizabeth Leibel
as Travel Agent
Lisa Clugston
as Sarah Buchanan
Erika Clugston
as Sarah's Daughter


Marco Kreuzpaintner
Rosilyn Heller
Roland Emmerich
José Rivera
Screen Story
José Rivera
Peter Landesman
Screen Story
Daniel Gottschalk
Leonardo Heiblum
Composer (Music Score)
Lynn Fainchtein
Musical Direction/Supervision
Jacobo Lieberman
Composer (Music Score)
Bernt Amadeus Capra
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James Oberlander
Art Director
Jakob Claussen
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