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The Tracey Fragments Details


A 15-year-old girl navigates a dangerous urban landscape in search of the brother whom she has hypnotized into believing he is a dog in director Bruce McDonald's pop-infused, 21st century variation on The Catcher in the Rye. When the viewer first meets Tracey (Bruce McDonald's Ellen Page), she is sitting naked in the back of a bus with only a flimsy shower curtain to guard her from the elements. Tracey is the broken product of an unstable home; her father (Ari Cohen) regards his children as "accidents," and her catatonic mother (Erin McMurtry) only pauses from watching television long enough to light up another cigarette. Upon discovering that a botched hypnosis experiment between Tracey and her younger brother, Sonny, has left the young boy emotionally transformed into a canine, the decision is made to send Tracey to a psychiatrist. Tormented by her classmates and lost in fantasies about her boyfriend and rock & roll savior Billy Zero (Slim Twig), the emotionally complex young woman has become enamored with a new student at school who doesn't even realize she exists. Later, when Sonny disappears, Tracey takes it upon herself to locate her missing sibling and make sure that he finds his way back home. While at first it appears that benevolent rent boy Lance (Maxwell McCabe-Lokos) may be her guiding light through the darkened city streets, Tracey quickly learns that to trust is to place your life in the hands of someone who may sell you out at a moment's notice. Now naked and desperate in the middle of a labyrinthine metropolitan nightmare, Tracey makes it her mission to find Sonny no matter how harrowing her quest may become. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

  • Release date:May 9, 2008


Awarded by
Genie Awards John Sievert Best Sound Editing 2007 Nominee
Genie Awards Matt Chan Best Sound 2007 Nominee
Genie Awards Maureen Medved Best Adapted Screenplay 2007 Nominee
Genie Awards Ellen Page Best Actress 2007 Nominee
Genie Awards Bruce McDonald Best Director 2007 Nominee
Genie Awards Gareth C. Scales Best Editing 2007 Nominee
Genie Awards Brad Dawe Best Sound 2007 Nominee


Ellen Page
as Tracey Berkowitz
Ari Cohen
as Mr. Berkowitz
Maxwell McCabe-Lokos
as Lance
Max Turnbull
Julian Richings
as Dr. Heker
Erin McMurtry
as Mrs. Berkowitz
Slim Twig
as Billy Zero
Zie Souwand


Bruce McDonald
Sarah Timmins
Maureen Medved
Book Author
Maureen Medved
Steve Cosens
Gareth C. Scales
Ingrid Jurek
Production Designer
Kryssta Mills
Associate Producer
Bruce McDonald
Executive Producer
Paul Barkin
Executive Producer
Phyllis Laing
Executive Producer
Lea Carlson
Costume Designer
Brad Dawe
Sound/Sound Designer
Matt Chan
Sound/Sound Designer
Sara Kay
Jenny Lewis