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To Sir, With Love Details


Sidney Poitier, who in 1955 played a student in a tough inner-city high school, portrays a teacher assigned to a similar institution in To Sir, With Love. Unable to find work as an engineer, Poitier accepts a teaching post in London's East End slums. To reach his sullen, rebellious students, Poitier throws away his textbooks and endeavors to reach them as human beings--and as the adults they're going to become. It's an uphill climb, but gradually the students are won over. They begin referring to Poitier as "Sir," not out of blind obedience but as a gesture of genuine affection. Not that there aren't obstacles to overcome: in addition to trying to get through to hardcase student Christian Roberts, Poitier must face down the resistance and hostility of his fellow teachers. The sweetly sentimental finale amply displays the vocal talents of Lulu, who trills the title song. Based on the novel by E. R. Brainwaite, To Sir, With Love was one of the biggest moneyspinners of 1967 (with this film, Lulu and In the Heat of the Night, Sidney Poitier had quite a year). In 1996, a belated made-for-TV sequel was produced, briefly reuniting To Sir with Love co-stars Sidney Poiter, Lulu and Judy Geason, none of whom looked a day older. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

  • Release date:June 14, 1967


Awarded by
Directors Guild of America James Clavell Best Director 1967 Nominee


Sidney Poitier
as Mark Thackeray
Christian Roberts
as Denham
Judy Geeson
as Pamela Dare
Suzy Kendall
as Gillian Blanchard
as Barbara Pegg
Faith Brook
as Mrs. Evans
Christopher Chittell
as Potter
Geoffrey Bayldon
as Weston
Adrienne Posta
as Moira Jackson
Edward Burnham
as Florian
Rita Webb
as Mrs. Joseph
Fiona Duncan
as Miss Phillips
Michael Des Barres
Stewart Bevan
Graham Charles
as Femman
Fred Griffiths
Cyril Shaps
as Mr. Pinkus
Marianne Stone
as Gert
Dervis Ward
Stephen Whittaker
Peter Attard
as Ingham
Carla Challoner
Joseph Cuby
Margaret Heald
Howard Knight
Avis Bunnage
as Rosie
Roger Shepherd
as Buckley
Mona Bruce
as Jose Dawes
Roger Shepherd
as Buckley
Cyril Shaps
as Mr. Pinkus
Graham Charles
as Femman
Peter Attard
as Ingham
Marianne Stone
as Gert
Avis Bunnage
as Rosie


James Clavell
James Clavell
James Clavell
Ron Grainer
Composer (Music Score)
Mark London
Philip Martell
Musical Direction/Supervision
Ben Raleigh
Peter Thornton
Tony Woollard
Art Director
Ian Whittaker
Set Designer
Jill Carpenter