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Too Beautiful for You Details


Bertrand Blier's films have explored the sometimes misogynistic sexuality of younger men, but here he offers an absorbing, funny, and moving take on a middle-aged man's adulterous affair. Gerard Depardieu stars as Bernard, an affluent car dealer who finds himself in the grip of a violent passion for his new secretary, a rather plain-looking, middle-aged woman played by Josiane Balasko. Seemingly a happily married man with a beautiful wife (Carole Bouquet) and children, he can't understand what is happening as his life is turned upside down. While it may seem that Blier simply enjoys tweaking convention, he's clearly after far more than laughs given the tenderness he finds in the scenes between the adulterous lovers. Bernard's age has suddenly made him more vulnerable, a state of emotion that he realizes Colette grasps intuitively. Depardieu and French comedienne Balasko make a completely believable couple, and the photography of the great Philippe Rousselot is stunning. ~ Michael Costello, Rovi

  • Release date:March 2, 1990


Awarded by
French Academy of Cinema Bertrand Blier Best Original Screenplay 1989 Winner
French Academy of Cinema Bertrand Blier Best Director 1989 Winner
French Academy of Cinema Bertrand Blier Best Picture 1989 Winner
French Academy of Cinema Carole Bouquet Best Actress 1989 Winner
French Academy of Cinema Claudine Merlin Best Editing 1989 Winner


Gérard Depardieu
as Bernard Barthelemy
Josiane Balasko
as Colette Chevassu
Carole Bouquet
as Florence Barthelemy/Neighbor
Roland Blanche
as Marcello
François Cluzet
as Pascal Chevassu
Didier Benureau
as Leonce
Myriam Boyer
as Genevieve
Sylvie Orcier
as Marie-Catherine
Philippe Faure
as Colette's Husband
Denise Chalem
as Lorene
Flavien Lebarbe
as Son
Juana Marques
as Daughter
Jean-Louis Cordina
as Gaby
Sylvie Simon
as Receptionist
Jean-Paul Farré
as Pianist


Bertrand Blier
Bertrand Blier
Philippe Rousselot
Franz Schubert
Featured Music
Francis Lai
Claudine Merlin
Théo Meurisse
Production Designer
Michel Lagrange
Production Designer
Martine Faure
Production Designer
Yves Saint Laurent
Costume Designer
Paul Bertault
Sound/Sound Designer
Louis Gimel
Sound/Sound Designer
Margot Capelier
Gilles Loutfi
Production Director
Bernard Marescot
Production Director
Bertrand Blier
Production Director
Joel Lavau
Luc Goldenberg
Assistant Director