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Tombstone Details


A high-energy action adventure based on legend rather than historical fact finds Wyatt Earp (Kurt Russell) desiring to retire from law enforcement. With brothers Virgil (Sam Elliot) and Morgan (Bill Paxton), he arrives in Tombstone, Arizona intending to build his fortune. He discovers that long-time friend Doc Holliday (Val Kilmer) is there and that the town is run by a group of brutal outlaws called the Cowboys. Earp, frustrated with his laudanum-addicted wife, begins a romance with traveling stage actress Josephine Marcus (Dana Delany). Meanwhile, the Cowboys terrorize the citizens of Tombstone unchecked. When the town marshal is killed by a Cowboy, Earp steps in to prevent a lynching by an angry mob. He also refuses to hand the killer over to his fellows, beginning the enmity between the Cowboys and the Earp brothers. Virgil, overcome with guilt at doing nothing to help the Tombstone citizens, accepts the position of town marshal. With Wyatt and Morgan as his deputies, and the help of Doc, Virgil attempts to arrest several Cowboys, resulting in the famous OK Corral shoot-out. The Cowboys take revenge by ambushing two of the brothers and injuring Virgil and killing Morgan. The Earps leave town, apparently cowed. Wyatt returns, wearing the badge of a U.S. marshal, vowing to destroy every last Cowboy. He hunts them mercilessly, until the leader, Johnny Ringo (Michael Biehn) challenges Wyatt to a duel. While not regarded as an artistic masterpiece, "Tombstone" is considered the best of director George P. Cosmatos' prolific films. The all-star cast (including Thomas Haden Church and Billy Bob Thornton in small roles) delivers solid performances. Both William A. Fraker's cinematography and Bruce Broughton's stirring musical score are expertly designed for dramatic effect. Blood is shown liberally in several key scenes, but seems intended to show that there is nothing glorious in Wyatt Earp's actions, only necessity. He and his deputies take on the symbolism of the horsemen of the apocalypse -- dispensing judgement, and the Biblical references form a symmetry at the beginning and end of the film. ~ Lucinda Ramsey, Rovi

  • Release date:December 25, 1993


Kurt Russell
as Wyatt Earp
Val Kilmer
as Doc Holliday
Michael Biehn
as Johnny Ringo
Powers Boothe
as Curly Bill Brocius
Robert John Burke
as Frank McLaury
Dana Delany
as Josephine Marcus
Sam Elliott
as Virgil Earp
Terry O'Quinn
as Mayor Clum
Bill Paxton
as Morgan Earp
Jason Priestley
as Deputy Sheriff Billy Breakenridge
Michael Rooker
as Sherman McMasters
Jon Tenney
as Behan
Dana Wheeler-Nicholson
as Mattie Earp
Billy Zane
as Mr. Fabian
Buck Taylor
as Turkey Creek Jack Johnson
Harry Carey, Jr.
as Marshall Fred White
Pedro Armendariz, Jr.
as The Priest
Charlton Heston
as Henry Hooker
Thomas Haden Church
as Bill Clanton
John Philbin
as Tom McLaury
Grant James
as Dr. Goodfellow
Gary Clark
as Crawley Dake
Don Collier
as High Roller
Sandy Gibbons
as Father Feeney
Frank Stallone
as Ed Bailey
Christopher Mitchum
as Ranch Hand
John Corbett
as Barnes
Charles Schneider
as Prof. Gillman
Paul Ben-Victor
as Florentino
Hugh O'Brian
Stephen Lang
as Ike Clanton
Shane McCabe
as Audience Member
Lora Kennedy
Peter Sherayko
as Texas Jack Vermillion
Tomas Arana
as Frank Stillwell
Billy Bob Thornton
as Johnny Tyler
Cecil Hoffmann
as Lucinda Hobbs
Joanna Pacula
as Kate
Lisa Collins
as Louisa Earp
Robert Mitchum
as Narration


George Pan Cosmatos
Sean Daniel
James Jacks
Bob Misiorowski
John Fasano
Kevin Jarre
William A. Fraker
Bruce Broughton
Composer (Music Score)
Harvey Rosenstock
Roberto Silvi
Catherine Hardwicke
Production Designer
Terry Collis
Production Designer
Kim Hix
Art Director
Chris Gorak
Art Director
Mark Worthington
Art Director
John Fasano
Associate Producer
William A. Fraker
Associate Producer
Michael Sloan
Associate Producer
Andrew G. Vajna
Executive Producer
Buzz Feitshans
Executive Producer
Gene Serdena
Set Designer
Joseph Porro
Costume Designer
Leonard Hirschfield
Second Unit Director Of Photography
Floyd Albee
Assistant Art Director