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The Together Brothers is a Galveston, Texas, teenaged gang, populated by blacks and Chicanos. A popular police officer is murdered, and the Brothers' leader (Ahmad Nurradin) wants to track down those responsible. The leader's 5-year-old brother (Anthony Wilson) is the only witness to the crime, thus the boys must keep the kid from becoming dead meat at the hands of the killers. Through methods ranging from cerebral to violent, the Together Brothers piece together the clues and expose the murderers. Filmed on location with a largely nonprofessional cast, Together Brothers makes up in energy and conviction what it lacks in slickness. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi


Glynn Turman
as Dr. Johnson
Lane Mitchell
as Dude
Ahmad Nurradin
as H.J.
Mwako Cumbuka
as Strokes McGee
Angela Gibbs
as Francine
William Dagg
as Desk Officer
Roberta Ester
as Nurse
Kim Dorsey
as Gri Gri
Ed Bernard
as Mr. Kool
Frances Williams
as Mama Wes
Gloria Calomee
as Alice Martin
Nelson Sims
as A.P.
Howard Picard
as Police Detective
Craig Campfield
as Maria
Lincoln Kilpatrick
as Billy Most
Bessie Griffin
as Rev. Brown
Lynne Holmes
as Sugar
Leah Ward
as Clutie


William A. Graham
Robert L. Rosen
Sandy Howard
Philip H. Lathrop
Cheryal Kearney
Set Designer
Ray Summers
Costume Designer
Richard Portman
Sound/Sound Designer
Bud Alper
Sound/Sound Designer