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To Die For Details


A gay couple become a metaphor for others living in the shadow of AIDS in this fascinating British drama which conveys its message with humor, warmth and insightful dialog. Simon, a handsome, macho guy, and Mark, a female impersonator, are lovers involved in an open relationship. Simon is HIV negative, and Mark is HIV positive. The film looks back at Mark's reaction to discovering his condition. Mark likes to be at home when not working. After he found out he began working on an AIDS quilt like the one in the video he watches over and over. Meanwhile macho Simon, a TV technician continues to cruise London's gay bars at night looking for action. Mark soon dies and Simon becomes the film's focus as he carries on with his irresponsible sex life. Simon seems totally unaffected by his lover's death. But then, Mark comes back to haunt him. Mark strongly chastises Simon for his risky behavior which gives Simon serious pause for thought. Simon is the only one who can see Mark and this creates problems. Eventually Simon must acknowledge his true feelings of love for Mark and begin reassessing his life and behavior. ~ Sandra Brennan, Rovi


Thomas Arklie
as Simon
Ian Williams
as Mark
Tony Slattery
as Terry
Dillie Keane
as Siobban
Jean Boht
as Mrs. Downs
Caroline Munro
as Mrs Pignon
Lloyd Williams
as Bodybuilder
Tony London
as Yob
Ken Kennedy
as Mr Willoughby
Caroline Munro
as Mrs Pignon
Tony London
as Yob
Lloyd Williams
as Bodybuilder


Gary Fitzpatrick
Jeffrey Arsenault
Julian Dawton
Sound/Sound Designer
Helen Lennox

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