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The second of director Barry Levinson's Barry Levinson (the first was Barry Levinson, the third Barry Levinson), Tin Men seems at first glance to be much ado about nothing. Set in 1963, the story begins when two aluminum siding salesmen, played by Richard Dreyfuss and Danny DeVito, are involved in a traffic accident. Fueled by their own individual frustrations--Dreyfuss dislikes the phonier aspects of his profession, while DeVito is unhappily married to Barbara Hershey--the two men begin an all-out war of harassment against one another. DeVito goes on a destructive rampage against Dreyfuss' material possessions, while Dreyfuss contrives to steal away DeVito's wife. An ironic twist of fate ironically, brings the two men to common ground at the finale. As with the earlier Barry Levinson, Levinson spends a great deal of screen time showing small minds obsessed with small things: counterpointing the snow-balling hostilities between Dreyfuss and DeVito is Jackie Gayle as DeVito's partner, who can talk of nothing but the TV series Jackie Gayle. Michael Tucker, who like Barry Levinson was Baltimore born and bred, repeats his Barry Levinson role as "Bagel." Listen for director Levinson's voice as a baseball stadium announcer. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

  • Release date:March 6, 1987


Richard Dreyfuss
as Bill "BB" Babowsky
Danny DeVito
as Ernest Tilley
Barbara Hershey
as Nora Tilley
John Mahoney
as Moe, Partner to "BB"
Jackie Gayle
as Sam, Tilley's Partner
Stanley Brock
as Gil
Seymour Cassel
as Cheese
Bruno Kirby
as Mouse
J.T. Walsh
as Wing
Richard Portnow
as Carly
Matt Craven
as Looney
Alan Blumenfeld
as Stanley
Brad Sullivan
as Master
Michael Tucker
as Bagel
Katherine Ellis
as Ruthie
Theodore Goldman
as Pool Hall Worker
Walt MacPherson
as Cadillac salesman
Sharon Ziman
as Mason Dixon Operator
Susan Duvall
as Suburban Housewife
Barbara Rappaport
as Coffee shop waitress
Ralph Tabakin
as Mr. Hudson
Cindy Geppi
as Social Security Girl
Florence Moody
as Diner Waitress
Brian Costantini
as Arguing Husband
Jeffrey Moser
as Man At Crash
Ellen Sills
as Social Security Girl
Marcia Herr
as Sonial Securtiy Girl
Norma Posner
as Mrs. Hudson
Joshua Billings
as Man At Crash
Freddie Stevens
as Piano Bar Crooner
David de Boy
as Suburban Husband
Bill Danoff
as Police Officer
Kathleen Goldpaugh
as Arguing Wife
Kathy Jones
as Mason Dixon Operator
Roland Gift
as Band Member
Deirdre O'Connell
as Nellie
Sheila McCauley
as Ada
Penny Nichols
as Mrs. Shubner
Myron Citrenbaum
as Murray


Barry Levinson
Barry Levinson
Peter Sova
Stu Linder
Peter Jamison
Production Designer
Kim Kurumada
Associate Producer
Steven Saxton
Associate Producer
Gloria Gresham
Costume Designer
Albert M. Shapiro
First Assistant Director
Irving Buchman