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When Jimmy Price (Jim Brown) wins an upset victory for sheriff, he becomes the first black man ever to hold the job (or any elective office) in anyone's memory in his rural southern county. He also sets off an ominous rumblings as the entire county seems split apart by his presence -- Mayor Parks (Fredric March) offers him the support of his office, but many whites aren't prepared to accept a black man as sheriff, while most of the whites that can accept him aren't saying so too loudly; a lot of older black residents, remembering decades of Jim Crow laws that only lately disappeared, are more confused than encouraged by Price's victory, while younger, more radical black citizens like George Harvey (Bernie Casey) have little use for Price's straight-arrow personality; they expect him to show them favoritism, and when he doesn't, they suspect him of being an nothing but a white man in black skin. Even Price's own wife (Janet MacLachlan) wonders if the cost of his being sheriff is too high. He finds himself alone, walking a tightrope between all of the forces pulling at him, and then the whole situation threatens to explode when he arrests the good-for-nothing son (Bob Random) of a wealthy man from the next county, who has killed a child while driving drunk. Soon the local klavern of the Ku Klux Klan is planning a meeting, and a lynch mob seems to be gathering across the county line to break the prisoner loose and take care of the sheriff. Price finally gets some unexpected help from his embittered predecessor, John Little (George Kennedy) -- Little would like nothing more than to sulk over losing his longtime job, but with his wife's coaxing he realizes that he can't let Price fail without the risk of destroying everything he worked for years to build. ~ Bruce Eder, Rovi


Jim Brown
as Jimmy Price
George Kennedy
as John Little
Fredric March
as Mayor Jeff Parks
Lynn Carlin
as Julia Little
Don Stroud
as Bengy Springer
Janet MacLachlan
as Mary Price
Richard Elkins
as Brad,Wilkes
Clifton James
as D.J. Rankin
Bob Random
as John Braddock
Bernie Casey
as George Harley
Anthony James
as H.C. Tolbert
Dub Taylor
as Junior
Ernest Anderson
as Homer
Barry Cahill
as Bob Braddock
Dan Frazer
as Ira Jackson
Bill Walker
as John Sawyer
Paulene Myers
as Mrs. Harley
Anne Whitfield
as Mrs. Dawes
Dino Washington
as Randy Harley
Renny Roker
as Shoeshine Boy
Calvin Brown
as Harrison Harley
George Cisar
as Barber
Karl Swenson
as Braddock
Mills Watson
as Dep. Joe Warren


Ralph Nelson
Ralph Nelson
Loyal Griggs
Jerry Styner
Composer (Music Score)
John Hartford
Mike Curb
Musical Direction/Supervision
Jimmy Payne
Alex Beaton
George W. Davis
Art Director
William Glasgow
Art Director
Robert R. Benton
Set Designer
Michael S. Glick
First Assistant Director