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Thy Neighbor's Wife Details


Producer-director-star Hugo Haas attempts a costume melodrama in Thy Neighbor's Wife. Plotwise, it's the usual Haas formula: a middle-aged man, his voluptuous young wife and a handsome interloper. In the 19th century, a Moravian magistrate (Haas) swears vengeance when his gorgeous bride (Cleo Moore) renews her romance with her ex-flame (Ken Carlton). When the young man's uncle is murdered, the judge prosecutes his wife's lover for the crime, despite the fact that he's already heard a confession from the village-idiot (Tom Fadden). To make sure that the young man is hanged, the judge kills the real killer; this is witnessed by the judge's wife, who is likewise promptly murdered by her over-zealous husband. Eventually, justice -- or rather, conscience -- emerges triumphant. The ad campaign for Thy Neighbor's Wife included an alluring 8 X 10 of the bare-backed Cleo Moore being flogged, though this is hardly an important moment in the film's course of events. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi