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Three Fugitives Details


Another of Disney's Touchstone Pictures rehashes of a lightweight French farce, Three Fugitives goes the trend one better by importing French director Frances Veber to supervise a shot-for-shot remake of his French original Frances Veber. Nick Nolte stars as a bank robber named Lucas, recently released from prison, who ambles into a bank to open up a checking account. Into the bank enters the inept Ned (Martin Short), who tries to rob the place and takes Lucas hostage. The police, knowing Lucas's criminal history, assume Lucas and Ned are pulling the heist together. With no choice in the matter, Lucas is compelled to engineer their getaway. Complicating the situation further is Ned's six-year-old daughter Meg (Sarah Rowland Doroff), who has been mute since the death of her mother. With his bank account depleted, Ned has robbed the bank to get money to send Meg to a special school. Meg loves her father, but finds herself drawn to the gruff Lucas. As the three go on the lam from the cops, the trio of misfits bond as a makeshift family. ~ Paul Brenner, Rovi

  • Release date:January 27, 1989


Nick Nolte
as Daniel Lucas
Martin Short
as Ned Perry
Sarah Rowland Doroff
as Meg Perry
James Earl Jones
as Detective Dugan
Alan Ruck
as Tener
Kenneth McMillan
as Horvath
Richard E. Butler
as Watchman
Anthony Frederick
as Cop with Phone
Stanley Brock
as Release Sergeant
Bill Cross
as Guard at Prison
Kathy Kinney
as Receptionist
Jeff Perry
as Orderly
John Aylward
as Second Cop
Albert Henderson
as Man in Raincoat
George Catalano
as Cop One
Dinah Lenney
as Reporter One
Carrie Frazier
Larry Cox
as Orderly
Tim de Zarn
as First Officer
Rhoda Gemignani
as Radio Operator
Clive Rosengren
as Desk Sergeant
Woody Eney
as First Cop
Rick Hall
as Dog Handler
Bruce McGill
as Charlie
Jack McGee
as Fisherman
Sy Richardson
as Tucker
Yahoots Magoondi
as Thug
Lee Garlington
as Woman Cop
Paul Tuerpé
as Reporter Three
John Procaccino
as Highway Patrolman
Shani Ginsberg
Lance August
as Motorcycle Cop
Charles Noland
as Bartender
Karl Wickman
as Helicopter Pilot
Rocky Giordani
as Bowles
Bruno Acalinas
as Motorcycle Cop
David Arnott
as Bank Teller
Dean Smith
as Playboy
Larry Miller
as Second Officer
Mike McDonald
as Sergeant
John C. Cooke
as Thug
Michael Siegel
as Cop Four
Maryssa Larose
as Woman at Bank
Scott Lincoln
as Passenger Cop


Francis Veber
Lauren Shuler-Donner
Francis Veber
Haskell Wexler
Bruce Green
Rick Carter
Production Designer
Duncan Henderson
Production Designer
Duncan Henderson
Associate Producer
Jim Van Wyck
Associate Producer
Francis Veber
Executive Producer
Lauren Cory
Set Designer
April Ferry
Costume Designer
Roland Tantin
Special Effects
Joe Dunne
Shani Ginsberg
Carrie Frazier
Richard L. Anderson
Supervising Sound Editor