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Three Wishes Details


In this offbeat comedy set in the 1950s, Patrick Swayze plays Jack McCloud, a drifter and beatnik who enters the conservative suburban life of the Holman family after Jeanne Holman (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) accidentally hits him with her car. Jeanne takes Jack into her home while he recovers from his injuries. McCloud offends the neighbors and friends of the Holmans with his unorthodox behavior, including nude sunbathing and Buddhism. He tells the children, Tom (Joseph Mazzello) and Gunny (Seth Mumy), stories of a genie who has taken the form of a dog. Jeanne and her kids come under his sway as Jack's mystical powers help the kids' Little League team win a big game. Martha Coolidge directed the film from a script by Elizabeth Anderson, based on a short story by Ellen Green. ~ Michael Betzold, Rovi


Patrick Swayze
as Jack McCloud
Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio
as Jeanne Holman
Joseph Mazzello
as Tom Holman
Seth Mumy
as Gunther
David Marshall Grant
as Phil
Diane Venora
as Joyce
Michael Wong
as Additional Ball Player
Bill Mumy
as Neighbour
Garette Ratliff Henson
as Neighbourhood Teenager
Michael Laskin
as Sackin's Father
Michael O'Keefe
as Adult Tom
Vivien Straus
as Bystander
Jay O. Sanders
as Coach Schramka
Annabelle Gurwitch
as Leland's Mother
Colleen Camp
as Neighbour's Wife
Moira Harris
as Katherine Holman
Robert Starr
as Hank
Brock Pierce
as Scott
Neal McDonough
as Policeman
Scott Patterson
as Scott's Father
David Hart
as Brian's Father
Brian Flannery
as Brian
William G. Schilling
as Doctor
John Diehl
as Leland's Father
Philip Levien
as Tool and Die Coach


Martha Coolidge
Gary Lucchesi
Clifford Green
Ellen Green
Johnny E. Jensen
Bill Neil
Cynthia Millar
Composer (Music Score)
Steven Cohen
John Vallone
Production Designer
Gae S. Buckley
Art Director
Keith Samples
Executive Producer
Tom Reta
Set Designer
Robert Gould
Set Decorator
Shelley Komarov
Costume Designer
Lee Orloff
Sound/Sound Designer
Phil Tippett
Special Effects
Randall Badger
First Assistant Director
Roger Schumacher
Animal Trainer/Wrangler