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The Three Troubledoers Details


While it was not one of the best latter-day [[Performer~P33470~Curly Howard~curlyhoward]] comedies, this [[Performer~P70872~Three Stooges~thethreestooges]] short still had enough amusing moments to get by. It opens up with the boys, dusty and worn out, reaching Dead Man's Gulch. The population of the town is rapidly dwindling, as evidenced by the sound of gunfire and ever-shrinking numbers on the population sign. Badlands Blackie and his gang are the culprits -- they've killed six sheriffs in five months (and that doesn't count deputies). Now the blacksmith has been kidnapped and Blackie is threatening to do away with him unless his daughter, Nell ([[Performer~P47622~Christine McIntyre~christinemcintyre]]), agrees to marry him. The desperate townsfolk make [[Performer~P33470~Curly~curlyhoward]] sheriff, and [[Performer~P33511~Moe~moehoward]] and [[Performer~P23486~Larry~larryfine]] deputies, and their first task is to help out Nell -- especially since she has promised to wed [[Performer~P33470~Curly~curlyhoward]] if he saves her father. The [[Performer~P70872~Stooges~thethreestooges]] manage to vanquish the bad guys -- only because Blackie is not any brighter than they are -- and they save Nell's dad. But when the girl informs him that she has promised to marry [[Performer~P33470~Curly~curlyhoward]], the blacksmith replies, "I'd rather be dead!" [[Performer~P33470~Curly~curlyhoward]] gives him a stick of dynamite and the [[Performer~P70872~Stooges~thethreestooges]] run off. ~ Janiss Garza, Rovi


Edward Bernds