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Long thought lost, the silent Three Bad Men is an vital ingredient in the cinematic canon of director John Ford. Often described as a film version of Peter B. Kyne's (which Ford would direct in 1948), Three Bad Men is actually based on , a novel by Herman Whitaker. The plot, which spans several years, is set in motion when three bandits appoint themselves protectors of the heroine, whose settler father is killed early in the proceedings. A subplot involves bandit Tom Santschi's efforts to wreak vengeance on the man who seduced and abandoned his sister. The film was originally supposed to star George O'Brien, Tom Mix and Buck Jones as the title characters, but since the plot required the Three Bad Men to be killed off long before the fadeout, and since all three proposed stars had large and loyal kiddie followings, the roles were recast, with character actors Santschi, Frank Campeau and J. Farrell McDonald. O'Brien was retained, albeit relegated to a less colorful heroic role. Three Bad Men should be seen in its original release form; most commercial prints are chopped up and woefully washed out. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi


George O'Brien
as Dan O'Malley
John Farrell MacDonald
as Mike Costigan
Tom Santschi
as Bull Stanley
Frank Campeau
as Spade Allen
Walter Perry
as Pat Monohan
Phyllis Haver
as Prairie Beauty
George Irving
as Gen. Neville
Alec B. Francis
as Rev. Calvin Benson
Otis Harlan
as Zack Leslie


John Ford
John Ford
John Ford
John Stone
George Schneiderman
William Fox
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