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This Is Spinal Tap Details


Largely improvised by director Rob Reiner and his cast, This Is Spinal Tap looks and sounds like a "real" documentary, with Michael McKean, Harry Shearer, and Christopher Guest as David St. Hubbins, Derek Smalls, and Nigel Tufnel, the key members of a going-nowhere British heavy metal band called Spinal Tap. The "group" started as an informal skiffle band, eventually maturing into an R&B act called the Thamesmen (their hit was "Gimme Some Money"). After going through a psychedelic period with "Listen to the Flower People," the band mutated into Spinal Tap, a hard rock outfit responsible for such albums as "Intravenous DeMilo," "The Sun Never Sweats," and "Bent for the Rent." This Is Spinal Tap finds them in the midst of their first American tour in years as they support their new LP Smell the Glove, with filmmaker Marty DiBergi (Rob Reiner), who specializes in TV commercials, on hand to document the occasion. Just about anything that can go wrong does: shows get canceled, stage props go wrong, wireless guitar pickups start broadcasting air-traffic reports, no one shows up for in-store appearances, David's girlfriend tries to take over the band, they wind up billed second to a puppet show at an amusement park, and the group teeters on the verge of breakup. After the film's initial release, McKean, Guest, and Shearer did a short club tour as Spinal Tap; the "band" reunited in 1992 for a new album, {^Break Like the Wind}, followed by a full-fledged tour and TV special, The Return of Spinal Tap. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:September 8, 1984


Rob Reiner
as Marty DiBergi
Michael McKean
as David St. Hubbins
Christopher Guest
as Nigel Tufnel
Harry Shearer
as Derek Smalls
Tony Hendra
as Ian Faith
David Kaff
as Ian Faith
David Kaff
as Viv Savage
Bruno Kirby
as Tommy Pischedda
June Chadwick
as Jeanine Pettibone
Fran Drescher
as Bobbi Flekman
Joyce Hyser
as Belinda
Paul Benedict
as Tucker "Smithy" Brown
Patrick Macnee
as Sir Denis Eton-Hogg
Billy Crystal
as Morty the Mime
Fred Willard
as Lt. Hookstratten
Ed Begley, Jr.
as John "Stumpy" Pepys
Howard Hesseman
as Terry Ladd
Anjelica Huston
as Polly Deutsch
Dana Carvey
as Mime Waitress
Paul Shaffer
as Artie Fufkin
Zane Buzby
as Rolling Stone Reporter
Jean Cromie
as Ethereal Fan
Fred Asparagus
as Joe "Mama" Besser
George McDaniel
as Southern Rock Promoter
Archie Hahn III
as Room Service Guy
Daniel Rodgers
as Little Druid
Sandy Helberg
as Angelo DiMentibello
Robert Bauer
as Moke
Charles Levin
as Disc & Dat Manager
Patrick Maher
as New York M.C.
Julie Payne
as Mime Waitress
Brinke Stevens
as Girlfriend (uncredited)
Lara Cody
as Fame Groupy
Danny Kortchmar
as Ronnie Pudding
J.J. Barry
as Rack Jobber
Russ Kunkel
as Eric "Stumpy Joe" Childs
Robin Menken
as Angelo's Associate


Rob Reiner
Karen Murphy
Rob Reiner
Michael McKean
Harry Shearer
Christopher Guest
Peter Smokler
Christopher Guest
Harry Shearer
Michael McKean
Rob Reiner
Robert Leighton
Kent Beyda
Kim Secrist
Renee Johnston
Costume Designer
Robert Eber
Sound/Sound Designer