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With a blonde wigged Joan Crawford offering one of her more high-handed performances, and veteran silent star Pauline Frederick doing her best to keep up, audiences are in for MGM soap-opera at its 1931 zenith. Reunited with her long-lost mother in Paris, Crawford fails to realize that the loving and dignified woman is actually kept by a Parisian roué Albert Conti. Although she briefly falls in with a fast crowd, headed by the alcoholic Monroe Owsley, Crawford, a good girl at heart, falls in love with visiting Harvard graduate Neil Hamilton, and he with her. But Hamilton's stern, puritanical parents (Hobart Bosworth and Emma Dunn) frown upon Crawford's Parisian friends, who rudely spoil a dignified but deadly dull evening of superficial conversation and bridge. When a disgusted Hamilton informs his upcoming bride about her mother's true metier, Crawford is at first disbelieving and then huffily breaks the engagement. A penitent Frederick agrees to leave her life as a kept woman, but when she realizes that her daughter still carries a torch for the stuffy Hamilton, she pretends to willingly return to Conti. Denouncing her mother, Crawford goes on a tryst with Owsley, but is returned by Hamilton, who reunites her with the self-sacrificing Miss Frederick. ~ Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi


Joan Crawford
as Valentine Winters
Pauline Frederick
as Diane, Valentine's Mother
Neil Hamilton
as Bob Blake
Monroe Owsley
as Tony
Emma Dunn
as Bob's Mother
Albert Conti
as Andre de Graignon
Marcelle Corday
as Alyce
Adrienne D'Ambricourt
as Marie
Armand Kaliz
Marjorie Rambeau
Hobart Bosworth
as Bob's Father
Ann Dvorak
as Bit Part
Adrienne D'Ambricourt
as Marie
Hobart Bosworth
as Bob's Father
Marcelle Corday
as Alyce


Nick Grinde
Frank R. Butler
Costume Designer
Mildred Cram
Short Story Author