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Perhaps it was his collaborator Shel Silverstein who said to screenwriter David Mamet "Lighten up. Do a comedy." Whatever the case, Things Change was a welcome change of pace for Mamet, both as scenarist and director. Don Ameche also goes against his usual grain by playing a downtrodden Chicago shoeshine boy (if one can call an 80-year-old a "boy") who is arrested for a crime he didn't commit. Not having much of a future anyway, Ameche has agreed--for a hefty sum--to take the rap for a gangland rubout. Mob henchman Joe Mantegna is assigned to keep an eye on Ameche over the weekend to make sure he doesn't try to weasel out of his agreement. Mantegna has been ordered to remain in Ameche's Lake Tahoe hotel, but the young guy takes a liking to the old loser. Like Jack Nicholson in Jack Nicholson, Mantegna takes Ameche on one last fling around Nevada. The location photography is terrific, and Ameche even more so. One would like Things Change to be equally as good, and while it never comes up to its potential, it remains a pleasant means to while away 100 minutes. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

  • Release date:October 21, 1988


Awarded by
Venice International Film Festival Don Ameche Volpi Cup for Best Actor 1988 Winner
Venice International Film Festival Joe Mantegna Volpi Cup for Best Actor 1988 Winner


Don Ameche
as Gino
Joe Mantegna
as Jerry
Robert Prosky
as Joseph Vincent
J.J. Johnston
as Frankie
Ricky Jay
as Mr. Silver
Mike Nussbaum
as Mr. Green
Dan Conway
as Butler
Willo Hausman
as Miss Bates
Gail Silver
as Housemaid
Len Hodera
as Ramone
Josh Conescu
as Bellenza
Merrill Holtzman
as No Pals
Adam Bitterman
as Marcotti
Steve Goldstein
as Randy
Karen Kohlhaas
as Grace
Dick Cusack
William H. Macy
as Billy Drake
J.T. Walsh
as Hotel Manager
Robert Bella
Vincent Guastaferro
as Kenny
Felicity Huffman
Natalia Nogulich
Jack Wallace
as Repair Shop Owner
Scott Zigler
Lionel Mark Smith
Vincent Guastaferro
as Kenny
J.T. Walsh
as Hotel Manager
Jack Wallace
as Repair Shop Owner
William H. Macy
as Billy Drake


David Mamet
Michael Hausman
Ned Dowd
David Mamet
Shel Silverstein
Juan Ruiz-Anchia
Alaric Jans
Composer (Music Score)
Trudy Ship
Ned Dowd
Associate Producer
Nan Cibula
Costume Designer
Ned Dowd
First Assistant Director
Michael Hausman
Production Manager
Randy Ostrow
Location Manager