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The Thing Details


The scene is a distant Arctic research station, where a UFO has crashed. The investigating scientists discover that the circular craft has melted its way into the ice, which has frozen up again. While attempting to recover the ship, Captain Patrick Hendry (Kenneth Tobey) accidentally explodes the vessel, but the pilot -- at least, what seems to be the pilot -- remains frozen in a block of ice. The body is taken to base headquarters, where it is inadvertently thawed out by an electric blanket. The alien attacks the soldier guarding him and escapes into the snowy wastes. An attack dog rips off the alien's arm, whereupon Dr. Carrington (Robert Cornthwaite) discerns that "The Thing" (played by future Robert Cornthwaite star James Arness!) is not animal but a member of the carrot family, subsisting on blood. While the misguided Carrington attempts to spawn baby "Things" with the severed arm, the parent creature wreaks murderous havoc all over the base. Female scientist Nikki (Margaret Sheridan) suggests that the best way to destroy a vegetable is to cook it. Over the protests of Carrington, who wants to reason with the "visitor" (a very foolhardy notion, as it turns out), the soldiers devise a devious method for stopping The Thing once and for all. This oversimplification of The Thing does not do full justice to the overall mood and tension of the piece, nor does it convey the lifelike "business as usual" approach taken by the residents of the military base in dealing with something beyond their understanding. A superior blend of science fiction, horror, naturalistic dialogue, and flesh-and-blood characterizations, The Thing is a model of its kind. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi


Margaret Sheridan
as Nikki Nicholson
Kenneth Tobey
as Capt. Patrick Hendry
Robert Cornthwaite
as Dr. Arthur Carrington
Douglas Spencer
as Ned "Scotty" Scott
Dewey Martin
as Bob
James Arness
as "The Thing"
Robert Nichols
as Lt. MacPherson (Erickson)
Eduard Franz
as Dr. Stern
Sally Creighton
as Mrs. Chapman
Ted Cooper
as Lieutenant
Everett Glass
as Prof. Wilson
Paul H. Frees
as Dr. Maurice Vorrhees
Norbert Schiller
as Dr. Laurenz
Milt Kibbee
Robert Stevenson
as Capt. Smith
John Dierkes
as Dr. Chapman
Edmund Breon
as Dr. Ambrose
Allan Ray
as Officer
Tom Steele
as Stuntman
Robert Bray
as Captain
Billy Curtis
as The Thing While Shrinking


Christian Nyby
Howard Hawks
Charles Lederer
Russell Harlan
Dimitri Tiomkin
Composer (Music Score)
Roland Gross
Albert S. D'Agostino
Art Director
Darrell Silvera
Set Designer
Michael Woulfe
Costume Designer
Clem Portman
Sound/Sound Designer
Phil Brigandi
Sound/Sound Designer
Linwood G. Dunn
Special Effects
Don Steward
Special Effects
Charles Regan
Tom Steele
Billy Curtis
Teddy Mangean
Dick Crockett
Lee Greenway