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The Thin Red Line Details


Set during the Allied invasion of the island of Guadalcanal in the Pacific theater during WWII, this film is based on the novel by James Jones. Keir Dullea is Private Doll, who dreads the invasion and steals a pistol to help him protect himself. Sergeant Welsh (Jack Warden), a caustic, battle-scarred veteran, hates Doll, whom he considers a coward. In battle, Doll kills a Japanese soldier and is filled with remorse, which further angers the sergeant. The next day, an emboldened Doll wipes out an entire enemy machine gun post and begins to feel as sadistic as Welsh. The two must work together to clear away some mines, but as they do, their platoon is surprised by a Japanese raid. ~ Michael Betzold, Rovi


Keir Dullea
as Pvt. Doll
Jack Warden
as First Sgt. Welsh
James Philbrook
as Col. Tall
Ray Daley
as Capt. Stone
Merlyn Yordan
as Judy
Kieron Moore
as Lt. Band
Stephen Levy
as Staff Sgt. Stack
John Clarke
Joe Collins
Jim Gillen
as Capt. Gaff
Gary Lasdun
Charles Stalnaker
Ben Tatar
Gabe Sumner
Jim Gillen
as Capt. Gaff


Andrew Marton
Sidney Harmon
Manuel Berenguer
Malcolm Arnold
Composer (Music Score)
Malcolm Arnold
Musical Direction/Supervision
Derek Parsons
Ron Ballanger
Special Effects