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A college students discovers a horrifying truth behind the old saying "They only come out at night" in this thriller. Julia Lund (Laura Regan) is a college student studying psychology who, as a child, was haunted by "night terrors," hideous nightmares so vivid they seem real. As Julia's life becomes more stressful, her childhood nightmares begin coming back; what's more, her friend Billy (Jon Abrahams), who had similar dreams as a boy, also reports that his terrors have returned, complete with the same monsters he claims spirited him away for two days when he was little. Julia's boyfriend Paul (Marc Blucas) is certain they're both just imagining things thanks to too much studying and too little sleep, but when Billy turns up dead, an apparent suicide, Julia is convinced something really is out to get them. Certain there really are monsters which come out to get people when the lights go off, Julia is determined to find and harness these creatures of the dark, while Paul is convinced his girlfriend has descended into madness. While he's given possessive credit for the film in the United States, Wes Craven was not in fact a part of the creative team behind They. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:November 27, 2002


Robert Harmon
Tom Engelman
Rene Ohashi
Elia Cmiral
Composer (Music Score)
Chris Peppe
Douglas Higgins
Production Designer
Patrick Banister
Art Director
Tony Blain
Barbara Kelly
John Mariella
Associate Producer
Ted Field
Executive Producer
David Linde
Executive Producer
Lin MacDonald
Set Designer
Karen Matthews
Costume Designer
David Husby
Sound/Sound Designer
Richard Coleman
First Assistant Director
Patrick Tatopoulos
Anya Colloff
Amy McIntyre-Britt
Kyle Menzies
Visual Effects Supervisor
David Crone
Additional Cinematography
David Crone
Second Unit Director
Patrick Tatopoulos
Creature Design
C.O.R.E. Digital Pictures
Digital Effects