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The Wedding March Details


Having alienated virtually all the major Hollywood studios, filmmaker Erich Von Stroheim turned to independent entrepreneur Pat Powers for funding for his 1927 epic [[Feature~V171731~The Wedding March~svadebnyymarsh]]. Set during the Austro-Hungarian Hapsburg regime, the film stars director Von Stroheim as wastrelly Prince Nikki, who is advised by his parents to marry into money if he hopes to keep up his sumptuous lifestyle. During the Corpus Christi festival (much of which is lensed in early Technicolor), Nikki spots the beautiful peasant girl Mitzi (Fay Wray) in the crowd. The two fall in love, but happiness eludes them: Nikki is slated to marry the homely, clubfooted daughter (ZaSu Pitts) of a millionaire corn-plaster manufactuer, while Mitzi's erstwhile boy friend, a mean-spirited butcher (Matthew Betz) who despises the aristocracy, promises dire consequences to Nikki for compromising Mitzi. Despite his dissipated, debauched lifestyle, Prince Nikki develops into the most sympathetic character in the film. As it now exists, [[Feature~V171731~The Wedding March~svadebnyymarsh]] is one of Von Stroheim's best films; incredibly, it was originally the first half of a two-part production (the second half, [[Feature~V160802~The Wedding~dugun]], no longer exists). Released by Paramount, the film did excellent business during its first week-then dropped off precipitously, one of several factors which caused an irreparable rift between Von Stroheim and his new benefactor Powers. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

  • Release date:October 6, 1928


Erich Von Stroheim
as Prince Nikki/Von Wildiebe-Rauffenburg
Fay Wray
as Mitzi Schrammell
George Fawcett
as Prince von Wildeliebe-Rauffenburg
George Nichols
as Fortunat Schweisser
ZaSu Pitts
as Cecilia Schweisser
Hughie Mack
as Wine-garden keeper
Maude George
as Princess Maria Immaculata
Matthew Betz
as Schani Eberle
Cesare Gravina
as Martin Schrammel, Mitzi's Father
Dale Fuller
as Katerina, Mitzi's Mother
Albert Conti
as Officer of the Imperial Guard
Don Ryan
as Archduke Leopold Salvator
Anton Vaverka
as Emperor Franz-Joseph
Sidney Bracey
as Navratil, Nikki's Valet
Lucille Van Lent
as Maid to Prince Nikki
William Von Brincken
as Officer of the Imperial Guard


Erich Von Stroheim
Erich Von Stroheim
Harry Carr
Hal Mohr
Harry Thorpe
William McGann
Josef von Sternberg
Richard Day
Art Director
Erich Von Stroheim
Art Director
Max Ree
Costume Designer