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The Warriors Details


Walter Hill's hip, super-stylized action film unfurls in a dystopian near-future, when various gangs control New York City. Each gang sports a unique moniker ('The Warriors,' 'The Baseball Furies,' 'The Rogues'), with a costume underscoring its "theme"; each, in turn, is also responsible for one geographic area. Hill sets up the landscape as a massive, violent playground - replete with bridges, vacant subway tunnels, parks, abandoned buildings and the like, all ripe for exploration and adventure. As the tale opens, the titular Coney Island has traveled to the Bronx to attend a city-wide meeting of all gangs; at that event, however, the psychotic leader of a rival gang, The Rogues (David Patrick Kelly of Dreamscape) assassinates the head of the city's foremost gang, but The Warriors are pegged as culpable. This sends the gang fleeing through the labyrinthine city. With every thug in Manhattan in vicious, homicidal pursuit, they must also overcome all obstacles in their way. Throughout, Hill keeps the onscreen violence absurd, exaggerated and unrealistic, downplaying death to an extreme degree; despite this fact, the film sparked a massive amount of controversy and an ugly backlash for allegedly inciting violence and destruction in several theaters where it initially played. James Remar, Michael Beck and Deborah Van Valkenburgh lead the ensemble cast. ~ Nathan Southern, Rovi

  • Release date:February 9, 1979


Michael Beck
as Swan
James Remar
as Ajax
Thomas G. Waites
as Fox
David Patrick Kelly
as Luther
Dorsey Wright
as Cleon
Deborah Van Valkenburgh
as Mercy
Mercedes Ruehl
as Policewoman
David Harris
as Cochise
Marcelino Sanchez
as Rembrandt
Terry Michos
as Vermin
Craig R. Baxley
Steve Chambers
as Baseball Fury
Laura Delano
as Lizzie
Billy Anagnos
Doran Clark
as Lizzies
Konrad Sheehan
Sonny Landham
as Police
John Snyder
as Gas Station Man
Don Ritchie
Joel Weiss
as Rogue
Michael Garfield
as Rogue
Paul Greco
as Orphan
Donna Ritchie
Johnny Barnes
as Turnbull A.C.'s
Rob Ryder
as Baseball Fury
Jaime Perry
Steve James
as Baseball Fury
André Engel
Jerry Hewitt
as Baseball Fury
Marvin Foster
as Turnbull A.C.'s
Lynne Thigpen
as D.J.
J.W. Smith
as Turnbull A.C.'s
Gary Baxley
Harry Madsen
as Baseball Fury
Leon Delaney
as Punk
Vic Magnotta
as Police
Irwin Keyes
as Police
Lisa Maurer
as Lizzie
Victoria Vanderkloot
as Lizzy
Frank Ferrara
as Police
Larry Silvestri
as Police
Gregory Cleghorne
as Gramercy Riffs


Walter Hill
Lawrence Gordon
Walter Hill
David Shaber
Barry de Vorzon
Composer (Music Score)
David Holden
Robert Wightman
Art Director
Joel Silver
Associate Producer
Frank Marshall
Executive Producer
Vincenzo Mannino
Costume Designer
David Sosna
First Assistant Director
Craig R. Baxley
Sylvia Fay
Howard Feuer
Craig R. Baxley
Stunts Coordinator