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A cast of distinguished veterans and promising newcomers headline this stark prison drama from first-time writer-director Jordan Walker-Pearlman. Hill Harper stars as embittered inmate Alex, sentenced to serve time for a rape he claims that he didn't commit. His link to the outside world is his upper-middle class bother Tony (Obba Babatunde), the only family member who's come to visit him in the half-decade he's been in jail. On his latest visit, Alex pleads with Tony to have the rest of the family visit him, admitting that he's in the final stages of his battle with AIDS. Through flashbacks, dream sequences, and real-time encounters, Alex interacts with the people who have shaped his life -- his parents (Marla Gibbs and Billy Dee Williams), his old friend (Rae Dawn Chong), and his therapist (Phylicia Rashad) -- and attempts to overcome the seething anger and resentment that have punctuated his time in prison. The Visit was greeted with much acclaim when it premiered at the 2000 Method Fest Independent Film Festival. ~ Michael Hastings, Rovi

  • Release date:April 20, 2001


Awarded by
Independent Spirit Awards Jordan Walker-Pearlman Best First Feature 2000 Nominee
Independent Spirit Awards Jordan Walker-Pearlman Best First Screenplay 2000 Nominee
Independent Spirit Awards Hill Harper Best Actor 2000 Nominee
Independent Spirit Awards Billy Dee Williams Best Supporting Actor 2000 Nominee


Hill Harper
as Alex Waters
Obba Babatunde
as Tony Waters
Rae Dawn Chong
as Felicia McDonald
Billy Dee Williams
as Henry Waters
Marla Gibbs
as Lois Waters
Phylicia Rashad
as Dr. Coles
Talia Shire
as Marilyn Coffey
David Clennon
as Bill Brenner
Glynn Turman
as Al Rheingold
Efrain Figueroa
as Max Cruz
Amy Stiller
as Julie Bronsky


Jordan Walker-Pearlman
Kosmond Russell
Play Author
John Ndiaga Demps
John Larena
Production Designer
Morris Ruskin
Executive Producer
Charla Driver
Line Producer