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The Two Jakes Details


The Two Jakes is the much-delayed and rather convoluted sequel to the 1975 classic Chinatown. Released in 1990 after an abortive stab at shooting that began in the mid-'80s, the film was the subject of a creative feud between its principals, star Jack Nicholson, producer Robert Evans, and screenwriter Robert Towne. Private eye Jake Gittes (Jack Nicholson) is a middle-aged war hero, paunchy, snobbish about his golf game, and about to marry a lovely and much younger woman. Then a fleeting reference to a woman he once loved that he heard on a wire recording plunges him into a past he has tried to escape. It comes while he was spying on a philandering wife (Meg Tilly) and her paramour in her motel room for her husband, Jake Berman (Harvey Keitel). Then Berman shocks Gittes when he shoots his wife's lover. Gittes is doubly stunned when he learns that Berman was partners with the dead man in a subdivision that may contain huge oil deposits. So now Gittes wonders, was it justifiable homicide or murder? The answer lies in the wife (Madeleine Stowe) of the dead man, her shady oil baron friend (Richard Farnsworth), and in the past he has tried to avoid. ~ Nick Sambides, Jr., Rovi

  • Release date:August 10, 1990


Jack Nicholson
as Jake Gittes
Harvey Keitel
as Jake Berman
Meg Tilly
as Kitty Berman
Madeleine Stowe
as Lillian Bodine
Eli Wallach
as Cotton Weinberger
Frederic Forrest
as Chuck Newty
Rubén Blades
as Mickey Nice
David Keith
as Loach
Richard Farnsworth
as Earl Rawley
Tracey Walter
as Tyrone Otley
Joe Mantell
as Lawrence Walsh
James Hong
as Kahn
Jeff Morris
as Tilton
Rebecca Broussard
as Gladys
Paul A. DiCocco, Jr.
Allan Warnick
as Rippey
Susan Forristal
as Delores
Will Tynan
as Judge Dettmer
Van Dyke Parks
as Francis Hannah
William Duffy
as Desk Sergeant
Sue Carlton
as Mattie Rowley
John Herman Shaner
as Saul
Jonathan Hackett
Perry Lopez
as Capt. Lou Escobar
Rosie Vela
Tom Waits
as Plainclothes Policeman
Dean Hill
as Cop with Parrot
Jessica Z. Diamond
as Receptionist
Michael Shaner
as Benny
Lee Weaver
as Caddy #1
Luana Anders
as Florist
Randi Ingerman
as Lana
Faye Dunaway
as Evelyn Mulwray


Jack Nicholson
Robert Evans
Harold Schneider
Robert Towne
Vilmos Zsigmond
Van Dyke Parks
Composer (Music Score)
Anne Goursaud
Jeremy Railton
Production Designer
Richard Schreiber
Art Director
Alan Finkelstein
Associate Producer
Jerry Wunderlich
Set Designer