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The Stoolie Details


Comedian Jackie Mason made one of his many comeback attempts after the 1966 Ed Sullivan Show "flipping the finger" debacle with the low-budget The Stoolie. Mason plays a cheap crook who cops a plea with the law by offering to trap other thieves with bait money. But Mason can't leave well enough alone; he steals $7500 of the money himself and high-tails it to Miami Beach. Now he must continually look over his shoulder as both the police and the crooks try to catch up with him. Seedily effective at times (though not during the love scenes between Mason and leading lady Marcia Jean Kurtz), The Stoolie was produced in Florida and New Jersey by Jackie Mason himself; it received very limited release in 1972, then was given a second unsuccessful distribution in 1974. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi


Mary McKennedy
Sean Walch
Dan Frazer
as Alex Brogan
Marcie Knight
Ronnie Mellen
Burtt Harris
as Climpton County Sheriff
Leonard York
as Maxie
Robert Knapp
Richard McKenzie
Lee Meredith
Richard Carballo
as Marco Ruiz
Bill McCutcheon
as Gas Station Proprietor
Josip Elic
as 1st Hijacker
Babette New
as Sylvia
Marcia Jean Kurtz
as Sheila Morrison
Jerome Rudolph
as Cousin Ralphie
Poppy Fields
Jackie Mason
as Roger Pitman
Jack Kagel
Phil Philbin
Thayer David
Gigi Gaus
as Weehawken Police Chief
Hope Pomerance
Mildred Smith
Sonny Sands
Frank Goldstein


John G. Avildsen
George Silano
Eugene Price
John G. Avildsen
Charles Clifton
Jerry Greenberg
Stanley Bochner
Jackie Mason
Executive Producer