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The Spirit of St. Louis Details


This retelling of one of Charles Lindbergh's most famous feats stars Jimmy Stewart as the legendary flier, and was directed by Billy Wilder. The story, adapted from Lindbergh's autobiography, begins when the aviator is working as an airmail pilot, but has much loftier goals in mind for himself. He begins to envision a nonstop solo flight across the Atlantic - something that no one has ever done before - and finds a group in St. Louis, Missouri willing to provide the necessary financial backing; he then has a special plane built in honor of the funders. Later, as Lindbergh sits in his cockpit, waiting to take off, he thinks back over his days as a circus flier, stunt flier and aimail pilot. The journey itself presents a series of hazards, but Lindbergh perseveres, using the stars for navigation when his compass disappears and overcoming other obstacles such as ice on the wings. ~ Nathan Southern, Rovi

  • Release date:April 20, 1957


Awarded by
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Louis Lichtenfield Best Special Effects 1957 Nominee


James Stewart
as Charles A. Lindbergh
Murray Hamilton
as Bud Gurney
Bartlett Robinson
as B.F. Mahoney
Marc Connelly
as Father Hussman
Robert Cornthwaite
as Knight
Arthur Space
as Donald Hall
Charles Watts
as O.W. Schultz
Roy Gordon
as Associate Producer
Budd Buster
as Mechanic
Maurice Manson
as E. Lansing Ray
Jimmy Bates
as Farm Boy
Harlan Warde
as Boedecker
Lee Roberts
as Photographer
Sid Saylor
David Orrick
as Harold Bixby
Richard Deacon
as Levine
Dabbs Greer
as Goldsborough
Jack Daly
as Louie
Eugene Borden
as French Gendarme
Robert Burton
as Maj. Lambert
Ann Morrison
as Mrs. Pearless
Sheila Bond
as Model/Dancer
Virginia Christine
as Secretary
Ray Walker
as Barker
Aaron Spelling
as Mr. Pearless
Paul Birch
as Blythe
Griff Barnett
as Old Farmer
Percival Vivian
as Professor
Olin Howland
as Surplus Dealer
Carleton Young
as Commanding Officer
William White
as Cadet
Erville Alderson
as Burt
Nelson Leigh
as Director


Billy Wilder
Billy Wilder
Wendell Mayes
Charles Lederer
Robert Burks
J. Peverell Marley
Franz Waxman
Composer (Music Score)
Franz Waxman
Musical Direction/Supervision
Art Loel
Art Director
Louis Lichtenfield
Special Effects
Gordon Bau