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The Scorpion King Details


The Rock has his first starring role in this prequel to The Rock films, which was developed while The Rock was still in production. The film takes place in ancient times, when a mighty swordsman, Memnon (Steven Brand, making his film debut) ruled over nearly all the known world. Memnon, a brutal tyrant, defeats his enemies in battle with the help of a beautiful sorceress, Cassandra (Kelly Hu), who can predict the future. The last of the "free tribes" form a fragile alliance to fight Memnon, and hire a trio of Akkadian assassins, led by Mathayus (pro wrestler The Rock, who made his big-screen debut as this character in The Rock), to kill the sorceress and thus remove Memnon's advantage. Balthazar (Michael Clarke Duncan of Michael Clarke Duncan), the powerful leader of the Nubians, objects to hiring mercenaries, but the plan goes forward. The assassins are betrayed by Takmet (Peter Facinelli), the son of one of the tribal leaders, and Mathayus finds himself unable to kill Cassandra. Thanks to the unlikely machinations of Cassandra, and the aid of a horse thief, Arpid (Grant Heslov of Grant Heslov), Mathayus escapes to the desert. He eventually abducts Cassandra, who explains that Memnon was holding her against her will. Mathayus thwarts Memnon's efforts to re-capture Cassandra, then uses his newfound sense of justice to convince the surviving tribal leaders to join forces again to defeat Memnon. The Scorpion King was directed by Chuck Russell. Jonathan Hales (Chuck Russell) was credited with the story, and WWF owner Vince McMahon has an executive producer credit. The film, which was shot in the U.S. (very unusual for a big action film), reportedly underwent extensive re-shoots when the first cut came in with a running time of 70 minutes. ~ Josh Ralske, Rovi

  • Release date:April 19, 2002


The Rock
as The Scorpion King/Mathayus
Steven Brand
as Memnon
Michael Clarke Duncan
as Balthazar
Kelly Hu
as Cassandra
Bernard Hill
as Philos
Grant Heslov
as Arpid
Peter Facinelli
as Takmet
Ralph Moeller
as Thorak
Branscombe Richmond
as Jesup
Roger Rees
as King Pheron
Sherri Howard
as Queen Isis
Conrad Roberts
as Chieftain
Tyler Mane


Chuck Russell
Kevin Misher
Stephen Sommers
Sean Daniel
James Jacks
William Osborne
Jonathan Hales
Screen Story
Stephen Sommers
Stephen Sommers
Screen Story
David Hayter
John R. Leonetti
John Debney
Composer (Music Score)
Michael Tronick
Greg Parsons
Ed Verreaux
Production Designer
Greg Papalia
Supervising Art Director
Doug Meerdink
Art Director
Richard Luke Rothschild
Josh McLaglen
Associate Producer
Michael Tronick
Associate Producer
Kristen Pratt
Set Designer
Dean Wolcott
Set Designer
Bill Law
Set Designer
James Murakami
Set Designer
Gary Diamond
Set Designer
Kate J. Sullivan
Set Designer
Noelle King
Set Designer
John Bloomfield
Costume Designer
Josh McLaglen
First Assistant Director
Randi Hiller
Sarah Halley-Finn
Billy Burton
Second Unit Director
Billy Burton
Stunts Coordinator
Hiro Narita
Additional Cinematography
Cameron Frankley
Supervising Sound Editor
Andrew G. La Marca
Unit Production Manager