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The Scarlet Clue Details


More tightly scripted than most of the Monogram Charlie Chan whodunits, The Scarlet Clue is set in a radio station that, rather fortuitously, is located in the same building as a government research lab. It's wartime, and the Chinese master detective (Sidney Toler) is searching for the killer of an enemy agent. The trail leads to the aforementioned radio station, where the owner of a soap opera, Mrs. Marsh (Virginia Brissac), is terrorizing her hard-working actors. The sneaky-looking station manager, Ralph Brett (I. Stanford Jolley), is reporting back to an unknown boss; a blackmailing actress (Janet Shaw) is poisoned; and the halls are haunted by a former Shakespearean star turned horror actor, Horace Carlos (Leonard Mudie, whose character is obviously patterned after Boris Karloff), and a Swedish char woman (Victoria Faust), who, so help her, says "yumpin' yimini!" As always, Chan's detective work is interrupted on occasion by the antics of manservant Birmingham Brown (Mantan Moreland) and dense Number Three Son, Tommy Chan (Benson Fong). One of the villains literally "gets the shaft" and Monogram fearlessly flirts with a potential new media rival: television. The pièce de résistance is a couple of very funny vaudeville turns by African-American comedians Mantan Moreland and Ben Carter. All in all, The Scarlet Clue makes for an entertaining enough hour or so. ~ Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi


Sidney Toler
as Charlie Chan
Benson Fong
as Tommy Chan
Mantan Moreland
as Birmingham Brown
Robert E. Homans
as Capt. Flynn
Virginia Brissac
as Mrs. Marsh
I. Stanford Jolley
as Ralph Brett
Jack Norton
as Willie Rand
Charles Sherlock
as Sgt. McGraw
Janet Shaw
as Gloria Bayne
Milt Kibbee
as Herbert Sinclair
Charles Jordan
as Nelson
Leonard Mudie
as Horace Carlos
Kernan Cripps
as Detective
Leonard Mudie
as Horace Carlos
Charles Jordan
as Nelson


Phil Rosen
George Callahan
William Sickner
Edward Kay
Musical Direction/Supervision
Richard C. Currier
Tom Lambert
Sound/Sound Designer