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Based on the popular novels about that other suave, globe-trotting man of action, this genre picture from director Phillip Noyce mixed romance and character development with dangerous stunts, geopolitical intrigue, and a variety of elaborate disguises, resulting in an uneven stew of a spy thriller. Val Kilmer is Simon Templar, a classy, cunning master thief and "man of a thousand faces" who cribs his phony names from those of obscure saints and sells his illegal services to the highest bidder. Hired by an ambitious Russian politician (Rade Serbedzija) to steal the formula for cold fusion, Templar falls in love with Dr. Emma Russell (Elisabeth Shue), the frail Oxford scientist who has unlocked the secret of the process. Back in Moscow, the thief debates whether to betray his new love or the powerful madman who is paying him millions, until he discovers that his client is concealing oil reserves that could save his freezing people. Often seen as an also-ran to the legendary James Bond, Templar, the creation of author Leslie Charteris, in fact predated the first Bond novel by decades and probably inspired Ian Fleming in his creation of the debonair agent. ~ Karl Williams, Rovi

  • Release date:April 4, 1997


Val Kilmer
as Simon Templer
Elisabeth Shue
as Dr. Emma Russell
Rade Serbedzija
as Ivan Tretiak
Valery Nikolaev
as Ilya Tretiak
Henry Goodman
as Dr. Lev Botvin
Alun Armstrong
as Chief Inspector Teal
Tommy Flanagan
Charlotte Cornwell
as Inspector Rabineau
Verity Dearsley
as Agnes
Michael Byrne
as Tretiak's Aide, Vereshagin
Lucija Serbedzija
as Russian Prostitute
Emily Mortimer
as Woman on Plane
Pat Laffan
as Catholic Priest
Irina Apeksimova
as Frankie
Lev Prygunov
as General Sklarov


Phillip Noyce
William J. MacDonald
Robert Evans
Mace Neufeld
David Brown
Wesley Strick
Screen Story
Wesley Strick
Jonathan Hensleigh
Alex Thomson
Phil Meheux
Graeme Revell
Composer (Music Score)
Terry Rawlings
Joseph C. Nemec III
Production Designer
Lucy Richardson
Art Director
Nick Palmer
Art Director
Les Tomkins
Art Director
Lis Kern
Associate Producer
Paul Hitchcock
Executive Producer
Robert S. Baker
Executive Producer
Peter Young
Set Designer
Marlene Stewart
Costume Designer
Ivan Sharrock
Sound/Sound Designer
Robert Grasmere
Special Effects
Mark Egerton
First Assistant Director
Greg Powell
Elisabeth Leustig
Patsy Pollock
Robert Grasmere
Second Unit Director
Mark Egerton
Second Unit Director
Paul Engelen