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Historically important as the first CinemaScope feature film, 20th Century-Fox's The Robe is fine dramatic entertainment in its own right. Based on the best-selling novel by Lloyd C. Douglas, the film stars Richard Burton as the wastrelly Roman tribune who is assigned by a weary Pontius Pilate (Richard Boone, who spends the whole of his single scene washing his hands) to supervise the crucifixion of Christ. After the Seven Last Words, the jaded Burton wins Christ's robe in a dice game. Gradually, the mystical influence of the holy garment transforms Burton from a roistering cynic into a True Believer--at the cost of his own life, which he willingly gives up in the service of his Lord. Also starring in The Robe are Jean Simmons as Burton's pious childhood sweetheart, Victor Mature as his Christian-convert slave Demetrius (an excellent performance--in fact, Mature is more believable than Burton!), Michael Rennie as the disciple Peter, and Jay Robinson as the raving Emperor Caligula. Mature, Rennie and Robinson would appear in the 1954 sequel to The Robe, the hurriedly assembled Demetrius and the Gladiators. Watch and listen for the unbilled contributions of Michael Ansara as Judas and Cameron Mitchell as the voice of Jesus. The film won three Academy Awards, and a special Oscar bestowed upon Fox for the development of CinemaScope. For many years, the TV prints of the Robe were struck from the "flat," standard-ratio version shot simultaneously with the widescreen version. Only recently has the CinemaScope The Robe been made available to cable TV (shown in "letterbox" format to allow home viewers the full picture). ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

  • Release date:September 16, 1953


Awarded by
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Charles LeMaire Best Color Costume Design 1953 Winner
Directors Guild of America Henry Koster Best Director 1953 Nominee
National Board of Review Jean Simmons Best Actress 1953 Winner
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Lyle Wheeler Best Color Art Direction 1953 Winner
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Leon Shamroy Best Color Cinematography 1953 Nominee
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Richard Burton Best Actor 1953 Nominee
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Walter Scott Best Color Art Direction 1953 Winner
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences George W. Davis Best Color Art Direction 1953 Winner
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Emile Santiago Best Color Costume Design 1953 Winner


Richard Burton
as Marcellus Gallio
Jean Simmons
as Diana
Victor Mature
as Demetrius
Michael Rennie
as Peter
Jay Robinson
as Caligula
Dean Jagger
as Justus
Torin Thatcher
as Sen. Gallio
Richard Boone
as Pilate
Jeff Morrow
as Paulus
Ernst Thesiger
as Tiberius
Dawn Addams
as Junia
Leon Askin
as Abidor
Helen Beverly
as Rebecca
Frank Pulaski
as Quintus
Michael Ansara
as Judas
Jay Novello
as Tiro
Nicholas Koster
as Jonathan
Frank de Kova
as Slave Dealer
Harry Shearer
as David
Francis Pierlot
as Dodinius
Sally Corner
as Cornelia
Rosalind Ivan
as Julia
Anthony Eustrel
as Sarpedon
Betta St. John
as Miriam
Jean Corbett
Leo Curley
as Shalum
Marc Snow
as Auctioneer
Roy Gordon
as Chamberlain
Emmett Lynn
as Nathan
George E. Stone
as Gracchus
Anthony Jochim
Sam Gilman
as Ship's Captain
John Doucette
as Ship's Mate
Cameron Mitchell
as Christ
George Keymas
as Slave
George Robotham
Percy Helton
as Caleb
Gloria Saunders
as Slave Girl
Alex Pope
George Melford
Hayden Rorke
Mae Marsh
as Woman
Ford Rainey
Anne Bancroft


Henry Koster
Gina Kaus
Philip Dunne
Leon Shamroy
Alfred Newman
Composer (Music Score)
Lyle Wheeler
Art Director
George W. Davis
Art Director
Walter Scott
Set Designer
Charles LeMaire
Costume Designer
Emile Santiago
Costume Designer
Roger Heman
Sound/Sound Designer
Bernard Freericks
Sound/Sound Designer