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The Removalists Details


In this adaptation of an Australian play, a police officer swears that never in 23 years on the force has he had to use his gun. A rookie is assigned to him, and soon they are both bored to death with watching television and working crosswords. They get a little excitement when a woman and her sister come into to complain that her husband has been beating her. The woman desperately wants to leave him, but cannot because he will not allow her to have the furniture. This inspires the lead cop to go to the apartment and tie up the abuser while the woman takes the furniture. They then proceed to beat the stuffing out of the man until he is near death. To ensure that he keeps silent about the beating, the cops agree to take the man out for a few drinks. During their night, battered wife beater keels over and dies. ~ Sandra Brennan, Rovi


John Hargreaves
as Constable Ross
Peter Cummins
as Sgt. Simmonds
Kate Fitzpatrick
as Kate Mason
Jacki Weaver
as Marilyn Carter
Martin Harris
as Kenny Carter


Tom Jeffrey
Margaret Fink
David Williamson
David Williamson
Play Author
Graham Lind
Nathan Waks
Musical Direction/Supervision
Anthony Buckley
Richard Brennan
Associate Producer