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An audacious film about faith, The Rapture is a contemporary fantasy that keeps its feet unnervingly planted in reality even as reality starts to collapse. Mimi Rogers, in a strikingly accomplished performance, stars as Sharon, a telephone operator who spends her off-hours engaging in casual group sex to blot out her boredom. By chance, she becomes aware of a small Christian sect whose members believe that they have found a child with the gift of prophecy who has seen the upcoming end times. Slowly but steadily, Sharon finds herself drawn to this group, and one night she abruptly turns a corner, renounces her old life, and embraces fundamentalism with passion. She marries one of her former lovers, Randy (David Duchovny), who takes up Sharon's evangelical fervor to atone for his past as a hired killer, and they have a daughter. All seems peaceful until Randy is unexpectedly murdered, and Sharon takes her child to the desert to await the rapture that will bring the chosen to heaven. The film neither supports nor scoffs at Sharon's views, and the superb performances add immeasurably to a film that presents the unbelievable (and unthinkable) at face value, making it seem oddly plausible in the process. Michael Tolkin has also written and/or directed such films as Michael Tolkin (1992), directed by Robert Altman, and Robert Altman (1994), both of which also skewer contemporary American society as shallow, materialistic, and desperate for something authentic to believe in. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:October 4, 1991


Awarded by
Independent Spirit Awards Michael Tolkin Best First Feature 1991 Nominee
Independent Spirit Awards Michael Tolkin Best Screenplay 1991 Nominee
Independent Spirit Awards Mimi Rogers Best Actress 1991 Nominee


Mimi Rogers
as Sharon
David Duchovny
as Randy
Patrick Bauchau
as Vic
Carole R. Davis
as Angie
Will Patton
as Sheriff Foster
Terri Hanauer
as Paula
Deborah Aquila
James LeGros
as Tommy
Scott Burkholder
as 1st Evangelist
Denney Pierce
as Rock Climber
Henry Kingi
as Angel
Joshua Farrell
as Cashier
Marvin Elkins
as Bartender
Dick Anthony Williams
as Henry
Patrick Dollaghan
as Executive
Vince Grant
as 2nd Evangelist
Douglas Roberts
as Louis
Sam Vlahos
as Wayne
Rustam Branaman
as Conrad
Darwyn Carson
as Maggie
DeVaughn Walter Nixon
as 1st Boy
Andrew Pressman
as Manager
Michael David Lally
as Man on Television
Bojan Bazelli
Kimberly Cullum
as Mary
Linda Albertano
as Angel
Natalie Radford
Christian Belnavis
as Older Boy
Stephanie Menuez
as Diana


Michael Tolkin
Karen Koch
Nick Wechsler
Nancy Tenenbaum
Michael Tolkin
Gerald Di Pego
Bojan Bazelli
Thomas Newman
Composer (Music Score)
Suzanne Fenn
Robin Standefer
Production Designer
Laurie Parker
Executive Producer
Deborah Moore
Executive Producer
Susan Benjamin
Set Designer
Karyn Wagner
Costume Designer
Steve Hulin
Kane Hodder
Cindy Hornickel
Production Manager
Eric McLeod
Production Manager