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The Racket Details


[[Feature~V171692~The Racket~reket]] was based on a play by [[Performer~P15038~Bartlett Cormack~bartlettcormack]], first filmed as a silent in 1928. The storyline was updated to include references to Estes Kefauver's Senate Crime Investigating Committee: otherwise, the plot (and much of the dialogue) was lifted bodily from the [[Performer~P15038~Cormack~bartlettcormack]] play. Racketeer [[Performer~P223865~Robert Ryan~robertryan]] has managed to get several government and law-enforcement higher-ups in his pocket. But Ryan can't touch the incorruptible police officer [[Performer~P49738~Robert Mitchum~robertmitchum]], who refuses all attempts at bribery. Ryan pulls strings to get [[Performer~P49738~Mitchum~robertmitchum]] transferred to a series of undesirable precincts, but [[Performer~P49738~Mitchum~robertmitchum]] will not be dissuaded. The battle of wills between cop and criminal comes to a head when mob-connected nightclub singer [[Performer~P64111~Lizabeth Scott~lizabethscott]] turns on her former protector Ryan. The Broadway version of [[Feature~V171692~The Racket~reket]] starred [[Performer~P60775~Edward G. Robinson~edwardgrobinson]] as the racketeer; the 1928 film version featured [[Performer~P77200~Louis Wolheim~louiswolheim]] in the [[Performer~P60775~Robinson~edwardgrobinson]] role and [[Performer~P48238~Thomas Meighan~thomasmeighan]] as the upright cop. Both the silent and sound versions of the property were personally produced by [[Performer~P95114~Howard R. Hughes~howardrhughes]]. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi


Robert Mitchum
as Capt. Thomas McQuigg
Lizabeth Scott
as Irene Hayes
Robert Ryan
as Nick Scanlon
William Talman
as Johnson
Ray Collins
as Welch
Joyce MacKenzie
as Mary McQuigg
Robert Hutton
as Ames
Virginia Huston
as Lucy Johnson
William Conrad
as Turck
Walter Sande
as Delaney
Les Tremayne
as Harry Craig
Tito Vuolo
as Tony
Max Wagner
as Durko
Harriet Matthews
as Librarian
Ralph Peters
as Davis
Robert Bice
Donald Dillaway
as Harris
Duke Taylor
as Policeman
Iris Adrian
as Sadie
Joey Ray
as Reporter
Pat Flaherty
as Clerk
Bret Hamilton
Jane Easton
as Operator
Dulce Daye
Richard Karlan
as Enright
Allen Mathews
as Man
Jack Gargan
as Lewis
Herb Vigran
as Headwaiter
Al Murphy
as Newsboy
Barry Brooks
as Cameron
Miles Shepard
Sally Yarnell
as Operator
Mike Lally
as Sergeant
George Sherwood
as Douglas
Don Porter
as Connolly
Don Beddoe
as Mitchell
Howard Joslin
as Sgt. Werker
Milburn Stone
as Foster
Hazel Keener
as Secretary
Ralph Montgomery
as Man
Harry Lauter
as Police Officer Mosley
Matthew Boulton
as Simpson
Eddie Parker
as Thug
Eric Alden
as Sergeant
Art Dupuis
as Policeman
Jack Shea
as Sergeant
Bud Wolfe
as Detective


John Cromwell
Nicholas Ray
Edmund Grainger
Bartlett Cormack
Play Author
Paul Sawtell
Composer (Music Score)
Roy Webb
Composer (Music Score)
Constantin Bakaleinikoff
Composer (Music Score)
Constantin Bakaleinikoff
Musical Direction/Supervision
Harold Adamson
Jimmy McHugh
Sherman Todd
Jack Okey
Art Director
Albert S. D'Agostino
Art Director
Darrell Silvera
Set Designer
Michael Woulfe
Costume Designer
Mel Burns
Costume Designer
Clem Portman
Sound/Sound Designer
Frank McWhorter
Sound/Sound Designer
Mel Burns