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The Pink Chiquitas Details


This sci-fi spoof stars [[Performer~P112461~Frank Stallone~frankstallone]] ([[Performer~P112464~Sly~sylvesterstallone]]'s brother) as Tony Mareda, Jr., a hot-shot private detective. Mareda leaves the funeral of his father, and while on the road and chased by two gunmen, he picks up a winsome hitchhiker and they end up at a drive in movie. While a "Zombie Beach Party 3" film flickers across the screen, a local weatherman and his date start talking about life in outer space, and lo-and-behold, a pink meteorite lands not far from the drive-in. It turns out that this "pink Mamma" transforms innocent, nubile maidens into pink chiquitas whose lust for men is a prelude to enslaving them and taking over the world. ~ Eleanor Mannikka, Rovi

  • Release date:January 30, 1987


Awarded by
Genie Awards Peter McBurnie Best Sound Editing 1987 Nominee
Genie Awards Sharon Lackie Best Sound Editing 1987 Nominee
Genie Awards Michael O'Farrell Best Sound 1987 Nominee
Genie Awards Michael O'Farrell Best Sound Editing 1987 Nominee
Genie Awards Alison Grace Best Sound Editing 1987 Nominee


Frank Stallone
as Tony Mareda, Jr.,Tony Marenda, Sr.
John Hemphill
as Ernie Bodine
Don Lake
as Barnie Drum
Bruce Pirrie
as Clip Bacardi
Elizabeth Edwards
as Mary Anne Kowalski
Claudia Udy
as Helen
McKinlay Robinson
as Trudy
Cindy Valentine
as Stella Dumbrowski
Gerald Isaac
as Dwight Wright
Eartha Kitt
as Betty, the Meteor
Brock Jolliffe
as Hitman
Danny Addario
as Hitman
Ann Sketchley
as Madge
Nicholas Campbell
as Zombie Victim
David Rigby
as Hitman
Linda Arbuckle
as Kaye
Paul Hembruff
as Cub
Kevin Frankoff
as Ken
Mike Simone
as Zombie Victim
Susan Haskell
as Topaz Hasfal
Heather Smith
as Hitchhiker
Cynthia Kereluk
as Jennifer Kent
Karen Mair
as Zombie Victim
Mike Ferguson
as Zombie
Susan Booth
as Brigitte Biller
T.J. Scott
as Dave
Colin Gleason
as Zombie Victim
Julian Grant
as TV Security Guard
Michael Gerace
as Hitman
Shaun Taylor
as Hitman
Michael O'Farrell
as Scoutmaster
Elverez Ryan
as Zombie
Sharon Dyer
as Grindle
Caroline Neilson
as Marcia Levine
Diana Platts
as Anita
Harold Bachan
as Doctor
Marcia Bennett
as Tourist Mom
Peter McBurnie
as Jesse Cornfield
Jean Currie
as Female Citizen
Marlow Vella
as Tony Mareda, Jr.,child
Sharolyn Sparrow
as Jungle Girl
Bob Aaron
as Tourist Dad
Carrie Gleason-Kennedy
as Zombie Victim
Dorin Ferber
as Belly Dancer


Anthony Currie
Nicolas Stiliadis
Anthony Currie
Nicolas Stiliadis
Paul Zaza
Composer (Music Score)
Paul Zaza
Tom Marolda
Frank Stallone
Henry Mancini
Stephen Withrow
Danny Addario
Art Director
Bora Bulajic
Set Designer
Michael O'Farrell
Sound/Sound Designer
T.J. Scott
Bob Davidson
Michael O'Farrell
Sound Editor
Peter McBurnie
Sound Editor
Sharon Lackie
Sound Editor
Nicole Demers
Alison Grace
Sound Editor