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The Pied Piper of Hamelin Details


[[Feature~V62402~The Pied Piper of Hamelin~faerietaletheatre:thepiedpiperofhamelin]] was originally filmed as a television special, then released theatrically outside the United States. The story is the familiar one: the town of Hamelin, plagued by rats, hires a mysterious piper ([[Performer~P35956~Van Johnson~vanjohnson]]) to rid the town of rodents. The piper does so, on the promise that he'll be paid a handsome fee. But the duplicitous burgomeister ([[Performer~P58546~Claude Rains~clauderains]]), on the advice of his [[Performer~P98871~Laurel~stanlaurel]]-and-[[Performer~P30384~Hardy~oliverhardy]] council ([[Performer~P75127~Doodles Weaver~doodlesweaver]] and [[Performer~P79042~Stanley Adams~stanleyadams]]), reneges on his promise. In revenge, the piper lures all of Hamelin's children off to parts unknown. In a departure from the original, there's a happy ending this time. Most of the dialogue is spoken in rhyme (quite amusingly by [[Performer~P58546~Rains~clauderains]]), while the songs are adaptations of [[Performer~P170572~Edvard Grieg~edvardgrieg]] tunes. In the musical department, [[Performer~P67717~Kay Starr~kaystarr]] comes off best as the grieving mother of one of the missing kids. Because it was filmed in color, [[Feature~V62402~The Pied Piper of Hamelin~faerietaletheatre:thepiedpiperofhamelin]] has remained in TV syndication into the 1990s. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi


Jim Backus
as King's Emissary
Claude Rains
as Mayor of Hamelin
Kay Starr
as John's Mother
Lori Nelson
as Maria
Doodles Weaver
as First Counselor
Oliver Blake
as Leading Citizen
Van Johnson
as Pied Piper/Truson
Stanley Adams
as Second Counselor


Bretaigne Windust
Irving Taylor
Floyd Knudtson
Arthur Lonergan
Production Designer
Maurice Vaccarino
First Assistant Director